Cecilia Rodriguez pregnant with Ignazio Moser: confirmation from her father-in-law

Cecilia Rodriguez

Is Cecilia Rodriguez pregnant with Ignazio Moser? The words of the father-in-law seem to confirm the pregnancy

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Is Cecilia Rodriguez pregnant with Ignazio Moser? After some rumors, the confirmation comes from Chechu's father-in-law. Interviewed by the weekly DiPiù, the famous cyclist Francesco Moser revealed that he will soon become a grandfather for the fourth time. "Come on, this will be the fourth nephew who arrives – he revealed -. You must know that thanks to my daughter Francesca, I am already the grandfather of two girls and a boy. But, please, write that I have not received any confirmation from my son Ignazio ".

So the sportsman would have let the news of Cecilia's pregnancy escape. On the other hand, the young Rodriguez had never hidden the desire to become a mother, thanks to her love for Ignazio, whom he met in the home of Big Brother Vip when she was still engaged to Francesco Monte. A love story, the one between the Trentino cyclist and the model, on which no one had bet, but which surprised everyone. The relationship is in fact booming and the two are in love, so much so that they would have decided to start a family.

“Ignazio and I already live together, I don't feel this need to go to the wedding even if I would love it – Cecilia had revealed some time ago at Vanity Fair -. So a child may arrive first but I am in no hurry, neither to me, nor to him ”. These months spent at home, according to the most attentive fans, would have given Cecilia a new future as a mother. For now the showgirl has not commented on the indiscretion or the words of her father-in-law, but she had never hidden the desire to have a child from her partner.

Together for some years now, Cecilia and Ignazio have built a solid relationship far from the cameras of the GF Vip. In the reality show, Belen's sister, at the time linked to Francesco Monte, had lost her head for the sportsman, leaving her boyfriend. A risky choice which, as he has stated several times, has proved to be right over time. Today Chechu is very happy next to Moser. The couple has recently returned to Milan to stay next to Belen, in crisis with Stefano De Martino, and the announcement of the long-awaited pregnancy could also come soon to cheer the Rodriguez family.

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