Cecilia Rodriguez, the sweet dedication of Ignazio Moser: "Greetings my love"

Cecilia Rodriguez, the sweet dedication of Ignazio Moser: "Greetings my love"

Cecilia Rodriguez turns her birthday and her handsome boyfriend Ignazio Moser makes a sweet dedication to her on Instagram: the two are more and more in love

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Cecilia Rodriguez received some very special wishes. On the occasion of his 31st birthday, his beloved Ignazio Moser surprised everyone, sharing a post with a high rate of feelings on Instagram. A dedication from the bottom of my heart, which in a few hours sparked the reactions of fans (and VIPs) overwhelmed by the tenderness of his words.

"Best wishes to the woman I love, best wishes to the woman who supports me and above all bears me every day", so began in the Moser post, expressing all the love for the "woman who taught me to love and who every day reminds me how much it's nice to do it ". The couple formed by the splendid younger sister of Belen Rodriguez and the cyclist, "son of art" of the famous Francesco Moser, was born in 2017 under the spotlight of GF Vip. The two young people are increasingly in love and never miss an opportunity to shout it out to the world, especially through social media.

"Best wishes to the woman who entered my life like a hurricane but who has always shone since she arrived … best wishes my love!". A very tender dedication that, let's face it, any woman would like to receive from her boyfriend or partner. And in fact, the response of the beautiful "Chechu" did not take long to arrive: "I love you Nachito, too much!", Rodriguez replied to her beautiful lover.

Last summer Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser had experienced a difficult period, culminating in the decision to separate temporarily. Probably due to a quarrel, due to Chechu's jealousy, but the couple never revealed the exact reasons for the crisis. Fortunately, after a few months they got closer, getting back together to crown a splendid dream of love that fans always follow very closely.

In February 2021 the two, Silvia Toffanin's guests in Verissimo's living room, talked about their relationship, confirming the desire to become parents. "The desire is there, it will come when the time comes", Ignazio Moser specified on that occasion.

Meanwhile Cecilia and Ignazio are preparing to become uncles again and enjoy the sweet expectation of Belen with great excitement who, as announced in the same studies of Verissimo, is expecting a girl who will be called Luna Marie by her companion Antonino Spinalbanese.

Ignazio Moser on Instagram

Ignazio Moser, the splendid dedication of love to Cecilia Rodriguez for her birthday

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