Cedrina, you purify yourself and improve your digestion

Cedrina, you purify yourself and improve your digestion

Also known as luigia herb, it is native to Peru and Chile and has a very pleasant scent

Poor digestion: 7 foolproof natural remedies

Lemon verbena is an aromatic herb characterized by very interesting benefits. Also known as verbena and luigia, it is native to areas of the world such as Chile and Peru. Its use spread in Europe from the 18th century onwards. The role of the perfume industry was essential in this regard.

The peculiarities of this herb have been at the center of scientific attention for years. As proof of this it is possible to cite the results of a study published in October 2011 and conducted by a team of experts from the University of Cairo (Egypt).

The team in question studied the aqueous and alcoholic extracts of lemon verbena, discovering anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and antioxidant properties. The benefits of lemon verbena certainly don't stop there! The positive effects on digestion should also be mentioned, as stated by the experts of the Humanitas group. In this regard, it must be remembered that the scientific evidence available today is not sufficient to speak of definitive efficacy.

When it comes to lemon verbena, it is worth remembering that its leaves are collected especially during the summer season and at the beginning of the autumn period. From the plant, it is possible to obtain an essential oil characterized by numerous healthy compounds. In this category it is possible to mention geraniol, as well as limonene.

Lemon verbena, which can also have diuretic effects, affects the increase in appetite and is known for its sedative efficacy. At this point, it is natural to ask how to take it. The alternatives in this regard are different. Among the many, it is possible to mention the liqueur that sees it as the main ingredient (whoever wants, can strengthen the aroma by adding lemon peel to the recipe).

Lemon verbena, which belongs to the botanical family of Verbenaceae, can also be used for the preparation of digestive infusions. Not everyone knows that it can also be used for tasty jams. At this juncture, it is also worth remembering the possibility of combining it with other ingredients, from plums, peaches, up to apricots.

Naming this famous plant means to point out that, today, there are no scientifically known cases of citrine interference with the efficacy of drugs. If you intend to start taking it, to be on the safe side it is best to ask your doctor for advice.

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