Cell therapy against cellulite: how it works

Cell therapy against cellulite: how it works

Cryotherapy works against cellulite, consumes calories and makes us happier

Two cellulite-killing ingredients: we have them at home

It has ancient origins but only in recent times has it become a widespread treatment method: it is cryotherapy, which means "cure with the cold".

The cold has always been used to treat fever, bruises or traumas, but to date its applications are many and even aesthetic. In fact, cryotherapy would seem to be able to burn up to 800 calories in an hour. This type of treatment started in Japan and was initially used to treat arthritis, but also to relax the muscles after a workout. Its spread is increasing enough to be used by athletes, some very well known as the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, but also by celebrity.

Calories are burned and cellulite is also reduced. Such as? You must stay for 180 seconds (maximum) inside a special machine, or in a room, where you are exposed to temperatures ranging from minus 120 to minus 160 degrees.

The cryosauna is a circular cabin that leaves out the head, the cryochamber, instead, is a room where up to six people can enter. Before you can access it you have to stay in a space less than 60 large for thirty seconds to accustom the body.

Hands, nose, ears, mouth and feet are protected with masks. The explanation of his action is simple. During the therapy the blood is concentrated in the heart, so if after doing a cardiovascular type activity and returning to normal, the passage burns up to 800 calories. And as if this were not enough, the practice allows our body to also release the hormones of good mood.

The result is a benefit on the skin: with more toned tissues and a reduction in skin blemishes, such as those caused by cellulite. The application is able to tone, produce collagen, but also stimulates the metabolism.

On a muscular level cryotherapy works very well to recover following an injury and inflammation: thanks to the cold the muscles are relaxed and the swelling is reduced. It is also known that cold is an excellent ally even against the perception of pain.

For these reasons she is much loved by sportsmen and celebrities: actress Lindsay Lohan, former supermodel and première dame Carla Bruni, singer-songwriter and actress Mandy Moore and model Jessica Hart, to name a few.

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