Cellulite and swollen legs: 3 strategies for perfect legs

Cellulite and swollen legs: 3 strategies for perfect legs

To have perfect legs, just a few tricks are enough: here are all the steps to eliminate swelling and cellulite

Fighting swollen legs and cellulite is not easy, but possible, thanks to some little advice and some good will.

Especially in summer, with heat, the legs tend to swell, while fluid retention can cause the annoying orange peel effect. What to do? First of all, don't lose heart, there is a solution to everything and even if now your legs seem to be anything but those of a top model, with the right strategy you will be able to have them light, tapered and beautiful.

Three effective strategies are enough to have the legs you've always dreamed of. Don't believe it? Here are the cellulite-proof and retention exercises!

1. To all water! – Water is the best ally of our beauty. Not only does it help us to have beautiful skin and hair, but also to eliminate fat pads and cellulite, especially on the legs. Increasing the intake of liquids reduces the presence of salt in the body. Try drinking at least eight glasses of water a day to hydrate the skin and drain the fluids. If the water just doesn't suit you, try herbal tea and green tea, also ideal for reactivating the metabolism. The results will be seen in a few days!

2. Move – After having hydrated your body the best way, give yourself a move! Physical activity is essential to activate circulation and reduce swelling of the legs. If you are fasting on sports (or you are a big lazy!) Try taking a thirty-minute walk every day, if you feel like trying something new, focus on yoga, which focuses on the circulatory system. Swimming is also an excellent remedy to slim down the legs and shape them, eliminating cellulite.

3. Massages – Lymphatic drainage massage is undoubtedly the most effective solution to reduce leg swelling. If you want (and time) try it from the beautician, alternatively you can practice self-massage at home, using special creams or an essential oil.

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