Cellulite, fight it with new technologies

Cellulite, fight it with new technologies

In the future, perhaps aesthetic medicine will defeat cellulite thanks to stem cells, but even today there are many methods to counter the most hated aesthetic of summer

Among the imperfections, cellulite is the one that stands out most in the summer. Uncovering the legs may not be a pleasure despite the heat. We know: be careful all year round so that your diet is balanced, you move regularly, limit the amount of salt, yet all this may not be enough to completely counteract the hated cellulite, which as is known is formed regardless of weight , from age and sometimes it is simply an inherited trait.

The perfumeries are full of hot creams, cold creams and treatments of all kinds. How to extricate yourself from such a jungle? First of all, remember that cellulite is a problem of a layer of the subcutaneous epidermis (the hypodermis in fact), for this reason many creams that remain on the surface will have a mild effect when not totally ineffective in fighting it. These remedies can give you a better aesthetic result, but can hardly be long-term solutions.

Better results can come from anti-cellulite treatments to be done at home such as massages, muds and bandages, which benefit from the fact that the skin becomes more permeable if heated. In fact, if well formulated, the muds are able to drain liquids giving your thighs an appearance that is immediately more deflated and more toned. All this happens thanks to the action of salts which, by osmosis, eliminate liquids through the pores of the skin.

From the beautician, the technologies that can be most helpful against cellulite, even in combination with home treatments, are radiofrequency, ultrasound cavitation and shock waves. Each of these remedies is specific. Radiofrequency is perfect, for example, to make the skin more compact. The heat given off by the treatment, in fact, stimulates the production of collagen, a skin protein that acts as a protective net and holds the tissues together.

Instead, cavitation ultrasounds are used to empty the fat cells. Attention: when we talk about fat cells we are not referring to what can be disposed of trivially with physical activity, but to accumulations of fat trapped in a lower layer of the skin which consequently need specific treatments to be eliminated.

The shock waves, instead, studied and used since the seventies, are able to restore the architecture of the unbalanced subcutaneous adipose tissue, to improve the microcirculation, the drainage of the liquids and the skin elasticity.

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