Cellulite on the belly: causes, exercises and massages to eliminate it

The famous imperfection, which can also arise in the abdominal area, can be tackled thanks to diet, exercises and targeted treatments

Cellulite, which is notoriously characterized by the onset of orange peel skin, can also appear on the belly. As is well known, its presence does not pose any risk to health: despite this, it is a detested to say the least. Not surprisingly, the commitment to eliminate it is strong.

How to move when the problem involves the abdominal area? Before getting to the heart of the remedies, let's take a moment to see what the causes are. Cellulite, which is characterized by the pressure of the deep adipose tissue against the connective tissue, is more common in women and can be determined by various factors, such as family history.

Not to forget is also pregnancy: there are several women who, after gaining a lot of weight in a short period of time, have to deal with the onset of cellulite on the belly. How can we not mention the influence of the diet? Dietary patterns poor in water and plant-based foods can predispose the appearance of cellulite. The same applies to inflammation of the connective tissue.

At this point, we can start talking about the main remedies. The first thing to know about it is the fact that, since cellulite is made up of painful nodules and fat deposits, the best way to combat it is to eliminate fat cells. As highlighted by the experts of the American Council of Exercise, the most suitable exercises for the fight against cellulite are cardio fat burning workouts, which should be repeated every day. It is also very useful to combine them with strength training 2/3 times a week.

Entering the heart of the alternatives to which we can refer, we remember the fast walk, but also the running in the open air or on the treadmill. The useful exercises against cellulite also include those that can be done on the elliptical, but also swimming or cycling.

When it comes to how to fight the famous imperfection, massages can also be considered. Performing them helps relieve muscle tension, but also optimizes lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Thanks to the removal of toxins, massage can be an aid to improve, albeit temporarily, the appearance of the skin and to make cellulite less evident.

In this regard, it is good to remember that, by virtue of its extreme sensitivity, the area of ​​the abdomen is not always included in professional massage packages. In such situations, you can proceed independently with the help of a foam roller. We conclude with a proper mention of the possibility, thanks to hot compresses, of alleviating the imperfection.

Last but not least are the shock waves which, as revealed by a 2017 Brazilian study, can be promising to say the least when it comes to reducing cellulite. The reason concerns the targeted approach to adipose tissue. We also remind you that they can represent a valid reference to increase the synthesis of collagen and, consequently, the elasticity of the skin.

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