Cervical: here are the best natural remedies

Cervical: here are the best natural remedies

Cervical pains of the tract located between the neck and the head can be caused by several factors. Here are some natural remedies to combat them

The causes of headache

Men and women suffer indiscriminately from neck pain especially in adulthood. Leading a hectic and intense life very often leads to taking wrong positions, which in some cases cause a degeneration of the stability of the vertebrae of the neck causing inflammation of the cervical tract. Usually the first symptoms, such as burning in the affected area, blockage of the neck, constant pulse, difficulty in movement, headache, tingling and loss of strength, are neglected and the situation worsens in a short time. It is extremely important to act quickly.

Starting to practice yoga with specific exercises can improve posture and regenerate sore muscles. In this case it is very important to turn to expert teachers and not to improvise lessons at home. In some cases, inflammation can be caused by intense stress that attacks the area, squeezing all the weight of the head on the neck and creating a single block. Meditation is certainly a very valid answer for those who need to re-establish contact with body and mind, freeing themselves from worries and facilitating a decontracting effect.

Cervical pains can be caused by colds, especially in transitional seasons. A good remedy is thermotherapy, which consists in applying a heat source. There are different methods, from a simple hot water bottle to specific cushions stuffed with cherry stones or rice grains, which can be heated in the oven and which can be purchased in the herbalist's shop or online. A little-known solution, however, concerns the root of the devil's claws. A climbing perennial plant that with active ingredients such as phytosterols and flavonoids, acts on inflammation. Easily available, it is found in the form of topical cream, capsules, or as a herb for decoctions. Arnica is very similar, another medicinal herb with the same properties. The extracts of this plant relieve pain and promote contracture healing.

Other highly effective homeopathic remedies are, for example, infusions based on rose hips, which can ease muscle tension, or even the extract of ribes nigrum, which in addition to being used to improve blood circulation has important properties. painkilling. Since ancient times, however, the secret to relieving pain has been to apply essential oils based on lavender and rosemary, plants with relaxing and relaxing properties.

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