Cesare Cremonini: “My schizophrenia. And how I defeated it "


Cesare Cremonini tells about the demon that he had within himself for so long, when he managed to give it a name ("Schizophrenia") and how he managed to defeat it

Cesare Cremonini talks about himself. And above all it tells of that monster that he had within himself for years, of when he finally managed to give it a name ("Schizophrenia") and how he finally defeated it. Although he still hears him whispering from time to time, but as his psychiatrist Let them talk let them talk.

This is in fact the title of his autobiographical book to be released on December 1st 2020. And in an interview with Corriere della Sera, the singer retraces his most difficult years.

Cesare tells how he ended up at the psychiatrist almost by chance, to accompany a person. “Then I told him about me, about what I felt. The growing symptoms "

The physical sensation of having a figure inside me that is foreign to me. Almost every day, more and more often, I felt a monster press against my chest, rise to my throat. I almost seemed to see him. And the psychiatrist showed it to me. The image can also be found on the Internet. "Is this it?" He asked me. It was that

Short pointed arms, rough and hairy legs. The diagnosis was: schizophrenia. Perceived by the victim as a hallucination that comes from within. A deformed being that wanders in the subconscious as if it were his home

Cremonini recounted how he came from a dark period, of obsession with music, which led him to live in the studio, no longer taking care of himself, eating only pizza. “I exceeded a hundred kilos. I didn't make love anymore, except when drunk. I had stopped any physical activity ".

But the meeting with the psychiatrist was the turning point:

The psychiatrist asked me what made me feel best. I answered: walk. Do not work; work was the cause. The cure was walking. I walked hundreds of kilometers. I discovered the hill paths. And I rebelled against the excess of attention for everything we feel, against the impossible idea of ​​being able to express everything, to communicate this avalanche of emotions by which we are struck

Today Cesare is fine, he is in love, but he confesses that he hears the monster muttering inside himself every now and then.

When I hear the monster muttering, I set off again. On a hill, in the mountains. I went back to the psychiatrist at the end of the first stadium tour. He asked me if I still saw monsters. I replied no, but that every now and then I hear them chatting. And he: "Let them talk" …

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