Chanel Cruise 2021/2022: symbolism, friendship and rock elegance

Chanel Cruise 2021/2022: symbolism, friendship and rock elegance

A woman dressed in the freedom of her being, in perfect harmony with the thought of Madame Coco.

Virginie Viard launches the Chanel Cruise 2021/22 collection and showcases an authentic and contemporary woman.

A woman dressed in the freedom of her being, in perfect harmony with the thought of Madame Coco, for whom, freedom was the most beautiful dress that could be worn.
A reference to the modernity of the sixties, but also to punk, for this collection that focuses on bright white and deep black.

Chanel Cruise 2021/22

The modernity of black and white.

T-shirts on miniskirts with many fringes in leather, beads and sequins, worn with fishnet stockings, tweed dresses finished with wide braids, studded suits and the bon ton suit combined with the T-shirt, they give us a woman more rock than ever .

Virginie Viard was Karl Lagerfield's right hand man and is the first woman to lead the Maison, after Madame.

Chanel Cruise 2021/22

Virginie Viard's Cruise 2021/22 collection

Of her, he says: I've always been a Chanel girl, I couldn't be anything else.

The research done for the Chanel Cruise 2021/22 collection and the sources of inspiration show how intimately this woman knows the spirit of Coco Chanel.

It started from a film, Jean Cocteau's Testament of Orpheus, from that image in which a man with a horse's head enters Carrières de Lumières.

She was fascinated by the simplicity of the places, by the contrast between black and white, between geometries and bestiary and she put the collection on the catwalk in Le Carrières de Lumières, in Les Baux-de-Provence, a former marble quarry, transformed into space for exhibitions.

Chanel Cruise 2021/22

A game of contrasts for Chanel's Cruise

Jean Cocteau was a friend of Coco Chanel and in the video of the Chanel Cruise 2021/22 collection, Jean's letters to Gabrielle are also projected, testifying to their affection and friendship.

Coco Chanel also had her own bestiary made up of lions, female sphinxes and deer in the apartment at 31 rue Cambon.
Virginie Viard took them up and printed them together with other symbols of the Maison, on a long dress in pink-beige and black crepe.

Chanel Cruise 2021-2022 - final

Cruise Chanel evokes the simplicity, precision and poetry of Jean Cocteau's 'Testament of Orpheus'

Says Virginie Viard, "in the end, through her friendships, it's Chanel, the woman I love more and more: her life gives us access to extraordinary characters like her."

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