Change of season: what to eat to better face it

Change of season: what to eat to better face it

We reveal what to eat to better face the change of season, fill up on energy and fight stress

What to eat to face the change of season? Summer is now over and with the arrival of autumn the first ailments and the stress caused by temperature changes begin to arrive. To better overcome this time of year without losing energy and without feeling tired, it is necessary to start from the table. As the old saying goes, "we are what we eat", therefore, especially during the change of season, it is essential to take care of nutrition.

The first food that must never be missing is persimmon, a real super food. This sugary and delicious fruit, present in many variations, is rich in vitamins A, C and K, perfect for strengthening the immune system, but also of fructose, useful to counteract the tiredness that often catches us during the autumn. Are you particularly stressed and anxious? Then fill up on mushrooms! This food in fact contains tryptophan, a particular amino acid useful for keeping stress under control. In addition, mushrooms are tasty and with very few calories, therefore perfect for preparing many mouth-watering recipes. If you want to make an anti-depression dish, serve them together with chestnuts. Rich in Omega3 and vitamin B6, they are ideal for finding a smile even when it's raining outside.

Do you feel tired at work and cannot concentrate? Bet on vitamin B1, which stimulates brain function. You can find it in cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, all seasonal vegetables. To prepare your immune system for winter, eat pumpkin at will. Not only is it tasty and perfect for any dish, but it is also rich in fiber, carotenoids and vitamin A. Alternate it with turnips, recommended for pregnant women thanks to their high content of folic acid and vitamin C. Finally do not forget the fruit: wide space for grapes, apples, pears and tangerines, for a quick snack with which to take potassium and mineral salts.

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