Channel 5, change on Sunday: the new shows

Channel 5, change on Sunday: the new shows

Canale 5 revolutionizes Sunday: the changes, who will be there and who will not

Elisa Isoardi, the 38 years of the presenter between private life and television

With the arrival of summer, Canale Cinque is preparing to revolutionize its Sunday with many new shows that will start in the autumn and important faces that will keep the viewers company. Among the major changes, as revealed by Davide Maggio, there will be the closure of Live – Non è la D’Urso and the downsizing (or change) of Domenica Live.

Barbara D’Urso will remain at the helm of Afternoon Five, while the Sunday of Canale Cinque will see the entry of new conductors. We speak in particular of Lorella Cuccarini and Elisa Isoardi. The first, after the controversy in La Vita in Diretta with Alberto Matano, gave a turning point to his career thanks to Amici di Maria De Filippi. In the role of coach she was able to conquer the public, so much so that Mediaset would have decided to dedicate a new space to her. The same goes for Elisa Isoardi who, returning from the Island of the Famous, is ready for an unprecedented adventure in the Biscione company.

According to the first rumors instead of Live – It is not the D’Urso, on Sunday evening Scherzi a Parte will be aired, led by Enrico Papi. As for the afternoon slot, however, there are still many doubts, but there is talk of a great return of Lorella Cuccarini. There would then be two new broadcasts under consideration which in the past had been conducted by Davide Mengacci. This is the Sunday of the Village and Scenes from a wedding that would be modified to adapt to the needs of the network.

At the helm of one of the two could be Elisa Isoardi who has never hidden the desire to prove herself after the farewell to La Prova del Cuoco and her experience in Honduras. “A show of my own? I would be delighted to see him – he confessed a few weeks ago in an interview with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni -. The idea of ​​asking me to participate in L’Isola dei Famosi was born after a wonderful interview that Silvia Toffanin gave me to Verissimo. I like being in a company that believes in my value. Then, it will be what it will be, life is built in blocks, one after the other ".

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