Charlene, Albert of Monaco's reaction to her haircut

Charlene, Albert of Monaco's reaction to her haircut

Charlene talks about the new cut with which she has changed her look and reveals how Prince Albert of Monaco reacted

Charlene of Monaco distorts her look: new cut for the Princess

It is undeniable: with her latest haircut Charlene from Munich amazed the whole world. Extremely modern, the new look of Prince Albert's wife managed to attract attention but also some criticism from those who did not appreciate such an unconventional choice. But she seems not to have repented at all and, far from it, strongly defends her decision.

On the other hand, the distortion of Charlene's look was seen as a real act of liberation and rebellion. A way, perhaps, to get rid of the title of Sad Princess and to reclaim her personality. Interviewed by the French magazine Point de Vue, she talked about what prompted her to opt for an asymmetrical cut, with an obvious shave on one side of the head and, above all, how people closest to her reacted.

In particular, Albert of Monaco was amazed by the Princess's gesture. Almost shocked and certainly surprised, Charlene admitted. But, after getting used to the new image of his life partner, he smiled happily. The sons Jacques and Gabriella, on the other hand, immediately showed that they liked their mother's look.

The cut was, therefore, an entirely decision of the Princess, who has confessed to wanting it for a long time. Surely an unusual look for a member of a Royal Family, but Charlene has no intention of backing down in the face of criticism.

Of course – said Charlene – of all the members of the royal families, I am probably the one who tried the most different hairstyles, and I will continue. This is my choice.

Finally, he stated that he had foreseen some of the reactions that were triggered after he showed the hair-stylist's work. However, those who criticized her do not receive her full understanding:

I have nothing to say, except that we are in 2021 and that in these troubling, so difficult times, there are other much more important issues that deserve our attention.

Charlene, in the past, has repeatedly sported different cuts, showing that she particularly appreciates the short and comfortable ones. Looks that have always been trendy and have been chosen by many people all over the world. How will it surprise us in the future?

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