Charlene and Alberto on the verge of divorce. "She will never leave her children"

Charlene and Alberto on the verge of divorce. "She will never leave her children"

Charlene and Albert of Monaco ready to divorce? A new version of events arises: she will never leave her children. Problems at the Palazzo

Charlene, the absence that makes noise: the family from Monaco alongside Alberto

Charlene and Albert of Monaco are plagued by rumors of their imminent divorce, fueled by the Princess's prolonged stay in South Africa. But a source close to the couple assures: "She will never leave her children".

Charlene of Monaco has been stuck in South Africa for months due to a serious infection that prevents her from flying. Due to her health conditions she missed many public engagements, but above all she was unable to celebrate 10 years of marriage with Alberto. They got married on 1 July 2011.

The Princess, both through an interview with Channel 24 and from her Instagram profile, has repeatedly declared her great love to her husband and expressed her suffering in living separately from him and the twins, Jacques and Gabriella, for so long. . For her part, the Prince went to see her with her children some time ago.

But despite these demonstrations of affection, many think that behind this separation there are not only health reasons, but in reality it is the cover for a crisis so profound as to lead the couple to divorce. The German magazine Bunte has collected the statements of a friend of Charlene who claims that she is looking for a house in Johannesburg on her own.

But new revelations have been reported by People. According to a source close to Charlene, the Princess is very likely to be reunited with her husband and children soon. As soon as his health problems are resolved, he will return to Monte Carlo. On the other hand, Alberto would like to join her even now in South Africa but the health emergency linked to Covid prevents him from setting a date for the trip.

The same source assures that a divorce between the couple is practically excluded. On the other hand Charlene: “She will never leave her children“.

Paris Match, on the other hand, argues that if there are problems, they should not be sought in the marital relationship between Alberto and Charlene, but in the way in which the Princess of Monaco is welcomed by the Grimaldi family.

It seems, according to the French magazine, that the change of look, in a rock and aggressive version, was the straw that broke the camel's back. “She was full of good will, but she immediately felt judged and misunderstood. So it closed to protect itself ”. These are the words of a friend of Charlene. On the other hand, the former swimmer was the protagonist of another famous escape, just before marrying Alberto.

If the tensions were in court, Charlene's statements towards her husband, defined as her rock, would also acquire a new meaning. However, it is undeniable that his absence at the opening of the Tokyo Olympics weighed on him.

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