Charlene and Christmas photos: Alberto in an unusual guise

Celebrations within the walls of the house also for the Royal Family of Monaco: Charlene shows us Albert II in the role of Santa Claus

After the ritual photos in which Charlene and her family were portrayed in an institutional way for the Christmas greetings of the Principality of Monaco, it is time for informal celebrations also at the Palazzo.

The princess has recently published on her official Instagram profile some family shots grappling with the classic Christmas celebrations. And for every self-respecting Christmas, despite the adversities of 2020, Santa Claus has arrived in every home in the world to deliver gifts to the little ones.

Prince Albert II of Monaco wore Santa's clothes for the occasion: in the photos published on social media, in fact, father Alberto with the unusual look can be seen celebrating with the twins Jacques and Gabriella, next to a large tree decorated for the holidays .

In addition to Albert II in the Christmas version, in the photos you can also see the punk cut of the princess's hair that has recently caused much discussion. Charlene for home parties has chosen to wear a large sweater in gray tones. In one of the published shots, she holds her beloved Chihuahua (named Monte) in her arms, to whom she is particularly attached, especially after the disappearance of the other family dog, Carlo (a Yorkshire breed), who accidentally passed away in recent months.

Christmas sweater also for Princess St├ęphanie of Monaco who appears in one of the group photos next to the other guests. Also for her a decidedly informal look to face the Christmas holidays at home, surrounded by family affections.

In recent times, the Royal Family of Monaco has accustomed the press and the public to a more soap and water image (just think for example of the gray hair shown recently by Caroline of Monaco), sharing problems that each of us can have in the common life, reducing the gap of the past that noble titles have imposed on noble families, distancing them from the rest of the people.

The shots Charlene shared show the Royals of Monaco spending the holidays like any other family, a sign that Christmas is Christmas wherever it is celebrated, from the most opulent palaces to the modest homes of families around the world.

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