Charlene of Monaco, Alberto will never leave them alone

Charlene of Monaco, Alberto will never leave them alone

While awaiting the return of Charlene from Monaco, Alberto no longer wants to leave his children alone and takes them with him on an official trip

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Albert of Monaco has decided not to leave the twins, Jacques and Gabriella, alone, who have already suffered from the lack of their mother Charlene who has been stuck in South Africa for months due to a serious infection.

Albert of Monaco then made it known that he will take his children with him, who will turn 7 on 10 December, to Glasgow where he will go to participate in the United Nations conference on climate change (COP26).

Albert of Monaco does not want to leave the twins alone

“They will be on vacation and I don’t want to leave them alone in Munich. So they will stay with me, before Charlene returns “, so declared the Prince. Alberto, who since last May has been taking care of Jacques and Gabriella alone, always being able to count on the support of his family, in particular his sister Carolina and her niece Charlotte Casiraghi. As a loving father he doesn’t feel like “abandoning” his children to the care of other people, once again, especially since they are on vacation and would not even miss a day of school.

Albert of Monaco, official trip with the children without Charlene

So Jacques and Gabriella will go on a trip with dad and it’s not even the first time. In fact, a few months ago they took their first official trip to Northern Ireland. Even then, they were alone with Alberto, Charlene was absent due to her precarious health conditions.

The Prince has specified to People that during the four days of the tour the children will follow a special program, while he will be busy with the conference. The children will visit museums and some places of interest. Alberto continued: “I think it is a very positive experience for them. Of course, you can’t take them to all official ceremonies, because they’ll get bored. We must gradually introduce them to public appearances. Travel has a public side, but they also need private moments, things to discover that they can find amusing ”.

Alberto has a very busy agenda and already knows how to engage Jacques and Gabriella while he is at work: “I have a Foundation event with the University of Edinburgh to present a new project, which has just landed. I think I’ll leave the children in the hotel to cool off “.

The prince also had the same experiences that his children are about to have. Together with his sisters, Carolina and Stefania, he often participated in the official travels of his parents, Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly, of whom he keeps beautiful memories. “It’s great to have these kinds of memories with children.”

Charlene of Monaco, when she comes home

For the moment Charlene of Monaco is still in South Africa. Recently her husband talked about his return to Monte Carlo in a few weeks. Surely it will be before November 19, the Principality’s National Day, where Alberto confirmed the presence of his wife. Even the Prince is unbalanced by stating that Charlene could accompany him to Dubai on November 14th. Therefore, the Princess is very likely to return home as soon as her husband and the twins return from Glasgow, after an absence that has lasted since last May.

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