Charlene of Monaco, because she no longer wants to be the Sad Princess

Charlene of Monaco, because she no longer wants to be the Sad Princess

For a long time Charlene of Monaco carried the weight of the nickname "Sad Princess": now, however, something has changed

Charlene of Monaco distorts her look: new cut for the Princess

It has been a difficult year for everyone, you know. Yet it is equally true that difficulties can be reacted in two ways: abandoning oneself or raising one's head, remembering how strong one can be. Charlene of Monaco is well aware of this and, after a life spent bowing her head and under the label, in recent weeks has shown that she has been reborn.

For some time now, psychologists and experts of the Royal Family of Monaco have leaked an indiscretion which, although not yet confirmed by the official channels, is becoming more and more insistent and bounces on the newspapers of the Principality: Charlene no longer wants to be the Sad Princess and rejects this nickname.

This reaction would have been due to the past year: even Charlene, in fact, 2020 would not have brought any joy. Already tried by 2019, which had taken two close friends away from her in the space of ten days, the Princess of Monaco appeared more and more gloomy and sad. There were even those who swore that their marriage was ending, being always (visibly) further away from Albert of Monaco.

And in fact, before the Monegasque ruler contracted the coronavirus, the two appeared more and more rarely together. Furthermore, it certainly did not help that, once again, Alberto was called to take on the responsibilities of a daughter had by a Brazilian woman (the sovereign will attend the paternity hearing in February 2021).

Still, Charlene has reinvented herself. He reacted. The distance from her sick husband seems to have benefited not only her, but the couple. When Alberto recovered, the two found each other and apparently rediscovered each other. Despite the subdued anniversary, the experts of the Royal Family of Monaco began to scream for change.

And in fact, they were right: there has been change. Charlene has rolled up her sleeves to point this out, because she categorically refuses to be associated with sadness: according to the Daily Mail and Hello Magazine, she can't take it anymore. And her change from the inside came out, with arrogance, thanks to the display of trendy and no longer canonical looks, superlative combinations and, above all, ever brighter looks.

The transformation was overwhelming and reached its climax with the shaved cut, a clear gesture of liberation. Yet another invitation to those who follow her to no longer use the much-hated nickname that does not reflect her, no longer fits her as it once did. Because Charlene has been reborn and, now, she just wants to prove it.

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