Charlene of Monaco, bitter birthday. But he can count on his brother Gareth Wittstock

Charlene of Monaco, bitter birthday. But he can count on his brother Gareth Wittstock

Charlene of Monaco turns 43 but Alberto's scandal casts a shadow on her birthday. And she takes comfort from her brother Gareth

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Charlene of Monaco is 43 years old: she was born on January 25, 1978. The one of 2021 promised to be a difficult birthday, on the one hand the pandemic that prevents extended celebrations, on the other hand the increasingly insistent indiscretions of yet another secret daughter of Alberto and the couple's rumors of crisis. But the Princess can count on another man, her brother Gareth Wittstock who has moved to Monte Carlo for the past 10 years.

To think that in recent times, Charlene and Albert of Monaco have appeared more united and in harmony than ever. In a recent interview he talked about his wife's birthday, underlining his desire for family intimacy, the desire for a simple day spent with the family, enriched by a special gift, as the Prince explained to People: "I already have the gift for her. A surprise therefore they cannot disclose it at this time ”. Of course, helping the mother unwrap the package are the couple's twins, Jacques and Gabriella, who turned 6 on 10 December.

It is precisely the question of children that is painful. In fact, in recent days the rumors of another secret daughter of Alberto have re-emerged. In addition to the twins, the Prince has two other children, from different relationships, Jazmin, born in 1992 and Alexandre Coste, had in 2003. For some time, however, there has been talk of the existence of a secret daughter, the result of a very short flirtation with Alberto with a Brazilian woman who now lives in Italy and was 19 at the time of their love.

The indiscretion has re-emerged because the woman has now asked for a DNA test. If we are about when Charlene of Monaco told Point de Vue, she and her husband will have discussed the matter, as the Princess stressed that they are there for each other, always and especially in times of need : “When my husband has problems he talks about them with me. I often tell him: Whatever happens, I'm on your side a thousand percent. I will stand by you whatever you do, in good times and in difficult times ". And to those who asked her if she was happy she replied: “There are more or less easy times, it's like that for everyone, but I'm happy as I am, satisfied, I know I'm very privileged”.

An interview that seems prepared to reject any rumor of crisis between her and Alberto, especially now that a new scandal is affecting the Prince's private life. Charlene, however, knows that she can count on another man in the Principality, namely her brother Gareth.

Already in 2019 Charlene explained that, despite being happy in the Principality, she missed her family and friends very much in South Africa, which is why she often appears sad in photos. Fortunately, he can count on the proximity of one of his brothers. Gareth Wittstock, 37, moved to Munich as early as 2010 where he met his wife, the Irishman Roisin Galvin, who gave him a daughter, Kaia Rose, 6. A computer technician by profession, today Gareth works on the foundation of the Princess of Monaco and is Gabriella's godfather, a role for which he converted to Catholicism.

Gareth looks a lot like Charlene and like her she shares a passion for sport. The two are often together during the Principality's sporting events. As Gala reports, he has always looked after his older sister. In an interview with Hello! of 2015 he declared: “She needs the support of those close to her and our bond is very strong. I see her regularly, we meet and my daughter plays with her twins. There is something very touching and special between us ".

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