Charlene of Monaco, children with Carolina: little Gabriella injured

Charlene di Monaco

Charlene of Monaco shares some photos of her twins in company with her aunt Carolina, sister of Alberto. And Gabriella appears in a wheelchair.

Charlene, the absence that makes noise: the family of Monaco alongside Alberto

It has been months since Charlene of Munich is in South Africa due to a health problem that prevents her from taking a flight and returning to her loved ones. And it is the distance from her family, probably, the hardest test for her. While waiting to be able to travel long distances, however, he continues to keep in touch with his children and inquire about their activities. The whole family of Prince Albert is taking care of them, starting with Caroline of Monaco.

The distance of Charlene of Monaco from Palazzo Grimaldi has had many consequences. For about six months, in fact, she has been in South Africa, where she has already been operated on three times and recently underwent hospitalization due to a collapse. First of all, therefore, the concern for his physical health has increased, to which has been added, more and more insistently, that for his marriage. According to some gossip, in fact, a profound crisis between her and Alberto would also keep Charlene away. Rumors that have always been denied with deeds and words by the protagonists.

The biggest consequence, however, is perhaps being experienced by the little Jacques and Gabriella, the twins born from the love between Charlene and Albert of Monaco who are currently forced to live far from their mother. Through video calls, the Princess keeps herself constantly informed about the activities of her children and thus made it known that they spent moments with her aunt Carolina, sister of the Prince.

Together with Carolina, Jacques and Gabriella took part in a dog show much appreciated by them. Charlene is sharing the photos of the event on her official social profiles. And one thing immediately catches the eye even of the less attentive observers: the Princess’s daughter is injured. She has, in fact, the foot in a cast and went to the event in a wheelchair.

Beside Gabriella, her little brother Jacques, her cousin Charlotte and, above all, Carolina of Monaco, who is taking care of her grandchildren with great attention and affection, trying to fill, as far as possible, the void caused by Charlene’s absence. .

Sharing these images for Charlene will not have been easy at all: there is no doubt, in fact, that she would have wanted to be in Carolina’s place to look after her little girl. Unfortunately, however, he will have to wait a little longer: will he be able to hug his family again soon?

Charlene, Gabriella with Carolina of Monaco

Caroline of Monaco with Gabriella injured in the images shared by Charlene on Instagram.

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