Charlene of Monaco flawless in the Christmas card

Charlene of Monaco flawless in the Christmas card

The princess shows herself in a very elegant look for the special occasion alongside Albert II and his two children

Charlene of Monaco at the National Day: the superlative maxi coat and the naughty twins

Albert II of Monaco's Christmas card with Charlene and the children also arrived on time. The princess appears flawless in the portrait and fully dressed, alongside her husband Alberto and their children Jacques and Gabriella. The Principality, through its official Facebook page, shared a short video consisting of some images of the Royal Family immortalized for the special occasion.

In the photo, Charlene is swaddled in an elegant baby blue dress with sheer sleeves and contrasting details. Gabriella is dressed in white like a princess, while Jacques and Prince Albert wear an elegant suit: tie for dad, bow tie for the little one of the house.

Next to them is a large perfectly decorated Christmas tree and some wrapped gifts, all portrayed in the splendid setting of a room in the Monegasque Palace. Last but not least, there is a big smile on the princess's face; she, who had often accustomed to sad looks, in recent times often shows a serene look.

Charlene's outfit appears composed and typical of a great institutional event: for the Christmas card, the princess abandoned the rock and roll look she wore lately, in which she fearlessly showed the showy shave on one side of the head.

We left it on the birthday of the twins who have just turned 6, celebrated informally and even celebrated on Instagram, now we find the princess with her family perfectly dressed up for the official holiday portrait.

Charlene, who turned 42 this year, has recently become accustomed to gritty changes of look: from bangs to yellow nails, from the sequin mask to the very short haircut. With the Christmas card, however, the former swimmer showed how she learned to play with fashion and not to be a slave to it given her position, acquired through marriage, as princess consort of the Principality of Monaco.

Charlene's versatility is there for all to see, wearing elegant clothes when appropriate and daring more as soon as possible, without succumbing to the appearance of a noble title.

monaco royal family christmas card

The Christmas card of the Royal Family of the Principality of Monaco

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