Charlene of Monaco gorgeous in white in the new official family portrait

Princess Charlene was immortalized with Albert and the twins in a new official family portrait, and she looked beautiful

Charlene of Monaco without a wedding band, the turning point of the Princess

New official portrait for the Monegasque Royal Family: Princess Charlene appeared radiant and flawless in the shot in the company of Alberto and the twins Jacques and Gabriella. The profits from the photo, which will soon be on sale, will be donated to humanitarian missions supported by the Principality.

In the portrait Charlene of Monaco is more beautiful than ever: the Princess wears an elegant all-white jumpsuit, with a slightly hinted neckline, snug at the waist and soft from the hips down. Impossible not to notice the three-dimensional necklace, golden and of great impact, a detail that gives an extra edge to her outfit, certainly to be copied. Certainly the photo was taken before Charlene's change of look, as she still appears with the bob and bangs, a cut she wore last summer.

Next to her her children: Gabriella, who smiles, wears a light pink suit with a tulle skirt and ton sur ton ballet flats, Jacques instead looks like a small copy of his father, with a dress of the same color as the one. worn by Prince Albert, all in the background of one of the rooms of the Monegasque Palace.

This time too, the Princess showed off an impeccable look and did not disappoint expectations, as had already happened for the official Christmas portrait: even on that occasion, Alberto's wife opted for a very elegant look, perfect for the institutional photo.

This time, however, the serene smile shown on the occasion of the Christmas holidays has given way to a less relaxed expression: after all, for Alberto and Charlene it is a complex period, given that in February the Prince will have to attend an audience, precisely in Italy, to recognize the paternity of a daughter had by a Brazilian woman in 2004.

For Alberto this is the third legal action for the recognition of paternity: in 1992 Jazmin Grace Grimaldi was born, the result of the Prince's relationship with Tamara Rotolo, then in 2002 Alexandre arrived, born after a secret affair with the flight attendant Nicole Coasts.

According to sources close to the Royal Family, Charlene is experiencing "the worst crisis since she married Alberto", but in the meantime, after having been spotted several times without a wedding ring, in the last portrait she decided to wear the engagement ring: a gesture of relaxation?

Alberto, Charlene and the twins Jacques and Gabriella

Alberto, Charlene and the twins Jacques and Gabriella

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