“Charlene of Monaco in voluntary exile”: the doubt about the separation from Albert

Charlene of Monaco, Albert's concern before the wedding

Is Charlene of Monaco in voluntary exile? The expert insinuates doubt about the real reason for the separation from Alberto

Charlene, the absence that makes noise: the family from Monaco alongside Alberto

Charlene of Monaco in voluntary exile? This is the doubt that the journalist and history expert, Stéphane Bern, insinuates from the pages of Paris Match, where he wonders if only the serious infection that struck her ears, nose and throat is blocking the Princess in South Africa.

Charlene from Munich has been in South Africa for months because her health conditions do not allow her to fly. The infection, which arose following a mouth operation, caused her a lot of suffering and forced her to undergo another surgery. As she herself stated in an interview with Channel 24, her medical team has prohibited her from taking the plane, because the risks would be too high.

So, away from home for months, the Princess has missed several major public events, from the Red Cross Ball to the F1 GP. She couldn't even celebrate 10 years of marriage with her husband Alberto (they got married on 1 July 2011).

Despite the official statements and press releases where both Charlene and Albert of Monaco have reiterated the suffering for this forced separation and despite the public manifestations of their love, the rumors of a marital crisis are very insistent. Moreover, many believe that the absence of the Princess at the inauguration of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games would have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

In addition, a friend of Charlene's told the German magazine Bunte that the Princess would be looking for a home alone in Johannesburg.

The mystery is becoming more and more intricate and Stéphane Bern thought about throwing fuel on the fire, who in his editorial wonders if it is only the disease that forces Charlene of Monaco to stay away from home and away from the spotlight. The journalist reiterates that he has not been seen in public for six months, apart from the recent photos he shared on his Instagram profile, and points out that the Palazzo has not published any official images of the couple for the 10 years of marriage.

To credit the record, however, it must be recognized that Bern never believed Charlene was up to becoming the Princess of Monaco. In 2009 she expressed several doubts about it, only to change her mind 5 years later when the former swimmer became a mother.

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