Charlene of Monaco increasingly isolated: Charlotte Casiraghi freezes everyone

Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlene of Monaco is completely ignored by Charlotte Casiraghi, while with Carolina it is high tension. The Princess has only one ally in the Palace

Charlotte Casiraghi fantastic in gold and black

Charlene of Monaco would be increasingly isolated from her husband Alberto’s family, even her niece Charlotte Casiraghi would ignore her. Therefore, this separation does not depend only on the health conditions of the former swimmer, who was forced to be hospitalized in a hospital outside Monte Carlo.

The tensions at the Palazzo began well before the serious infection that struck Charlene of Monaco and forced her to stay in South Africa for months, away from Alberto and his children, Jacques and Gabriella. From the time of her marriage to the Prince in 2011, relations with the Grimaldis, especially with Caroline of Monaco, were already compromised.

Charlene of Monaco, tensions with Carolina

Despite the years spent at court and the birth of the twins, Charlene never got used to Monegasque life and often declared her deep nostalgia for her homeland, Africa. On the other hand, her mood swings, her head shots did not help her to make herself understood by Alberto’s sisters.

The friction would then increase with her return to Munich in early November, still deeply tried and debilitated by the disease. In mutual agreement with her husband, the Princess has decided to take a period of absolute tranquility to fully recover. This meant that he was not present at the Principality’s National Day, last November 19th. His place was taken by Carolina who shared with her daughter Charlotte Casiraghi the role of “première dame”, alongside Alberto.

A gesture that heightened the tension between the two sisters-in-law. In fact, it seems that years ago Charlene asked her husband to remove from the ceremony for the Carolina National Day. Obviously Alberto’s sister never agreed to step aside, accepting a request that he said was unjustified.

Charlene of Monaco, Charlotte Casiraghi ignores her

According to reports from LC News, Charlene of Monaco cannot even count on her granddaughter Charlotte Casiraghi. The two women simply ignore each other. Charlotte lives away from the Principality. She has her life with her husband Dimitri Rassam who, moreover, is never seen in Montecarlo and rarely alongside his wife, she takes care of her two children and her career as a testimonial for Chanel and a philosophy writer.

Charlotte, however, has shown solidarity with her uncle Alberto, always by her side in recent months on the most important anniversaries for the Principality. But even with her cousins ​​Jacques and Gabriella she was more present than usual.

Charlene of Monaco, the only ally at the Palace

Charlene of Monaco at the Palace would therefore have only one ally and not too much participation, that is Stéphanie of Monaco. A source close to the Palazzo stated that “Charlene of Monaco has a great bond with Stéphanie thanks to their passion for animals. Relations between the two sisters-in-law are simple and fluid. They don’t judge themselves. But having only one ally in the Palace is not enough “.

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