Charlene of Monaco, lunch in tears and Albert’s indifference

Charlene of Monaco wept during a whole lunch in Albert’s indifference, to show all her sadness. “It was an extremely embarrassing moment”

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Charlene of Monaco in tears all through lunch and Albert indifferent to his wife’s sobs. This episode would be the true source of the Princess’s discomfort and the cracks in her marriage.

Charlene of Monaco, as she is today

Charlene of Monaco is currently hospitalized in a clinic outside Monte Carlo, perhaps in Switzerland, to recover from the serious infection that struck her. Alberto explicitly stated that their separation is not due to a couple crisis, but for health reasons, however categorically excluding that his wife has cancer or Covid.

According to a friend of the Princess, his conditions are serious, he risked dying in South Africa and his need to recover in a hospital does not depend only on a mental but also and above all physical exhaustion.

Charlene of Monaco, the crisis with Alberto

Despite the more or less explicit declarations on Charlene’s health, still in need of treatment, the rumors of crisis between her and Alberto do not subside. Thus, Gala collects the indiscretions of a source close to the couple who told the Daily Beast that the Princess’s discomfort would have manifested itself well before the disease. And there is one episode in particular that would have marked the breakup.

Charlene of Monaco, lunch the tears

“Charlene’s relatives have confirmed to me that she has been unhappy for a long time.” One of them recalled a lunch in which the Princess wept throughout the meal. “Alberto pretended nothing had happened, ignoring his wife’s sobs”, declared the anonymous source who witnessed the episode “extremely embarrassing”. “I didn’t understand why she didn’t get up from the table,” she continues. “I concluded that he wanted to show his sadness.”

These statements bring to mind the old rumor that Charlene attempted to flee the Principality before her marriage to Alberto in July 2011. Rumors that were quickly silenced and for which Charlene was compensated.

Charlene of Monaco, the tension with Carolina

On the other hand, it is undeniable that there are tensions at the Palace, if not between Charlene and Alberto, now it is sure that there is no good blood between the Princess and her sister-in-law Caroline of Monaco. The two women have never understood each other and compete for power (even with Charlotte Casiraghi it is no better). Although in this difficult moment, Alberto’s sister is working hard to look after the twins, Jacques and Gabriella, who miss their mother very much.

Meanwhile, it seems that the Princess, as reported by LC News, is reorganizing her staff and “pushing away people considered dangerous”.

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