Charlene of Monaco misses her children's first day of school. Alberto embarrassed

Charlene of Monaco: the silence after the operation and the doubts about Alberto

Charlene from Monaco was unable to accompany Jacques and Gabriella to their first day of school. And dad Alberto got excited

Charlene from Monaco was unable to accompany Jacques and Gabriella to their first day of school, due to her health conditions which required emergency hospitalization last week, even though she was immediately discharged. Beside the twins, however, there was father Alberto very excited.

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On September 6, the bell rang for Jacques and Gabriella, 7 years old. The children of Albert and Charlene of Monaco started first grade at the François d'Assises-Nicolas Barré institute, a private, Catholic school in the Principality. Accompanying them in this important passage from kindergarten to elementary school, there was Albert of Monaco, visibly excited and almost embarrassed as shown by the images published Monaco Info.

Charlene could not be with her children, blocked for months in South Africa due to a serious infection that forced her to three surgeries and prevented her from flying. The situation worsened on September 1 when the Princess fainted. Urgently transported to the hospital, her conditions are now stable and do not cause concern, so much so that Alberto flew to Ireland for a state visit with the twins, before the start of school.

In this regard, the Prince accompanied Jacques and Gabriella alone, who arrived at school wearing the uniform: red polo shirt, pleated skirt for her, long trousers for him. To help Alberto there was the nanny who fixed Gabriella's headband and brought the backpacks.

Jacques never let go of his father's hand, who seemed very excited himself and let Gabriella enter alone, evidently more independent than her brother, even if she seemed equally sulky.

The little ones have joined their classmates. Jacques seemed to have no intention of letting his dad go, but then the nanny came to the rescue again and made sure that the twins interact with the other children.

Jacques and Gabriella attend a prestigious institute that offers study courses from elementary to high school. In all, it welcomes 1,100 students and is famous for the excellent training it guarantees.

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