Charlene of Monaco smiles again: the family portrait is very sweet

Charlene of Monaco smiles again: the family portrait is very sweet

Charlene of Monaco appeared serene and smiling in the tender family portrait for the Easter greetings

Charlene of Monaco at the feast of Santa Devota, but the twins are the real stars

Charlene of Monaco is ready to celebrate Easter with Prince Albert and her children Jacques and Gabrielle: on Instagram the Princess shared a sweet shot of the whole family intent on painting eggs.

“I wish everyone a blessed Easter! Happy Easter egg hunt ”he wrote accompanying his wishes for followers and subjects to the tender family portrait. Sitting on the stairs, Charlene appeared serene and smiling together with her husband and her children while the twins, the real stars of the photo, showed themselves having fun with the paints in their hands, showing their work satisfied.

The bond between Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella is evident: while Gabriella smiles at the camera, Jacques gently takes her face with one hand, and with the other makes the sign of victory towards the sky.

It is not the first time that the Princess publishes some shots where she immortalizes moments of everyday life with her family: even last Easter Charlene took advantage of the good wishes to the people to share some sweet photos of her little ones intent on gardening, equipped with gloves and small tools.

Last year, husband and wife had spent the holidays separate, because Prince Albert remained in quarantine after contracting the Coronavirus in the first days of the pandemic. This time, however, it seems that Easter will be more peaceful for the Royal family, who will be able to celebrate together without the worry of last year.

In the post published, the Princess seems to have found her smile again: for Charlene, the last year was not one of the simplest and was marked by gossip about the existence of another heir of Albert of Monaco. In fact, the Prince, who recognized two children – Jazmin, born in 1992 and Alexandre Coste, had in 2003 – also has another daughter, the result of a very brief flirtation with a Brazilian woman who now lives in Italy.

Despite the rumors and rumors around the story, it seems that the crowned couple very united and ready to face any difficulty together, as the Princess had told in a recent interview with Point du Vue: "There are more or less easy times, it's so for everyone, but I am happy as I am, satisfied, I know I am very privileged ”.

Charlene of Monaco

Charlene of Monaco, Prince Albert and the twins Jacques and Gabriella

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