Charlene of Monaco, what the Palace does not mean

The sudden weight loss of Charlene of Monaco, the secrecy of her hospitalization: why the Palace continues to be silent

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Charlene of Monaco is hospitalized to recover from the serious infection that struck her. But there are some things about his state of health that the Palace does not want to say or that in any case tried to minimize, just as the place where he will spend his convalescence remains a mystery.

Charlene of Monaco, how she really is

Charlene of Monaco was about to die in South Africa. These are the revelations made by a friend of the Princess and reported by Page Six. The seriousness of the situation would have been minimized by the Palazzo, these are the accusations made by the source against Albert of Monaco.

The insider clarifies: “It’s not fair for her to be portrayed as having some kind of mental or emotional problem.” “We don’t know why the Palace is downplaying the fact that she nearly died in South Africa.” And he went on to tell how, according to his version, Charlene really is. The severe infection that affected Charlene’s nose, throat and ears would have resulted in other complications, including a serious swallowing problem.

Charlene of Monaco, the worrying weight loss

For six months, Albert of Monaco’s wife could not ingest solid food, but ate only liquid food. This would have resulted in a drastic weight loss, evident from the photos Charlene posted both in South Africa and in the photos taken upon her return to Munich on November 8th.

“He lost almost half of his body weight,” explains the source, due to the surgeries he had to undergo. A more worrying situation than that reported by the Palazzo, again according to the insider.

Charlene of Monaco, because the Palace does not say where it is

So on his return to Monaco, the Palace was forced to publish an official statement to say that Charlene would not participate in the next public events, because she needed a period of absolute rest. And Alberto, in a recent interview, declared that his wife’s problems are not only physical but also mental, as it is deeply undermined by the disease, to the point of not being able to sleep well and feed properly.

Page Six’s own source disproved the Prince’s words: “Charlene is absolutely not losing her mind or suffering from severe mental health problems.” She continues: “She is exhausted from six months of surgery and the inability to eat properly,” the source said. “And she desperately missed her children and her husband while she was stranded in South Africa, because she couldn’t go home.”

Meanwhile, many wonder why the Palace does not want to reveal where his wife is now. It is rumored that she is hospitalized in Switzerland. The only certainty is that she is not in Monaco but in a place close enough to allow her husband and children, Jacques and Gabriella who suffer from the absence of their mother, to visit her.

The only justification for this silence came from Alberto who in Monaco Matin specified that the place where Charlene is located remains secret for a matter of privacy. The Princess needs calm and tranquility and in no way should she be disturbed to ensure her recovery. The Prince reiterated the same thing during an interview with People, where he also denied the rumors of divorce over which the Russian tycoon hangs.

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