Charlene remains in South Africa: she will not return to Alberto before October

Charlene remains in South Africa: she will not return to Alberto before October

The Princess is stuck in South Africa due to health problems and the absence from home lengthens

Charlene, the absence that makes noise: the family from Monaco alongside Alberto

Charlene’s absence from the principality of Monaco extends until October. Although it is the result of unexpected unforeseen events, the Princess's stay in South Africa is the result of complications relating to her health that are unlikely to allow her an imminent return home.

Charlene went to South Africa to promote a project related to the protection of rhinos, an animal species that is seriously threatened with extinction.

The new statements of the Princess have arrived live on South Africa Radio 702: interviewed by Mandy Wiener, she explained and told about her long "waiting game" before being able to return home.

Initially, his stay should have been a short stay of 10, maximum 12 days and for a noble cause, but then the rather important sinus infection and the interventions took over:

I cannot force my recovery, so I will be in South Africa until the end of October.

In addition to her lengthy recovery, Charlene is waiting to undergo other medical procedures, all of which explain why homecoming is still a long way off. She herself explained that what she is experiencing is the longest period in which she has been away from Europe and her children.

However, some indiscretions have leaked from the Principality: sources given for certain, would have confirmed to People the preparation of a trip by Alberto and the twins to South Africa around the end of August, if obviously the pandemic situation and the restrictions of the various countries allow it.

Various interpretations have followed on Charlene's removal from the Principality: there are those who have spoken of an imminent divorce and the Princess's unhappiness, but according to official news, the only reason that keeps Charlene away from her family is her health.

Just a few days ago the Princess published on Instagram the song that in 2011 represented the soundtrack of her marriage with Prince Albert, a sign that is worth a thousand words and that should remove the rumors of the hypothetical air of crisis between the two .

Princess Charlene, at least for once, really has reason to be labeled "sad" in this strange period of her life that forces her miles away from her family life.

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