Charlotte and Dimitri celebrate the wedding. Carolina goes wild on the dance floor

Charlotte and Dimitri celebrate the wedding. Carolina goes wild on the dance floor

Newlyweds happily celebrate their promise of love. Elegant in white, they let themselves go on the dance floor together with mom Carolina

The image of a princess in love. Finally, on the official account of the Grimaldi home, a photo worthy of a princely wedding arrives, full of love, elegance, intensity.

It is the photo chosen to tell the wedding of Charlotte Casiraghi and her Dimitri Rassam, immortalized last night during the reception in the wonderful villa "La Vigie", overlooking the blue sea of ​​Montecarlo, where the newlyweds celebrated with five hundred guests their marriage.

Five hundred guests between relatives and friends, a dream location, and lots of joy in the air for one of the most anticipated weddings of the year.

Just take a look at the video posted on Instagram by Beatrice Borromeo who, now a princess, has not however forgotten her reporter soul, so much so that she manages to capture one of the most significant moments of the evening: the newlyweds who enjoy music while dancing with mom Carolina (who goes wild), and the brothers Andrea and Pierre, all together, to live a beautiful moment of joy.

Charlotte is obviously at the center of the party, and she enjoys her moment of happiness, as beautiful as we hadn't seen her yet.

Everyone was waiting for the white dress, because the only photos available of the wedding, portrayed Charlotte and Dimitri, elegant but sober, in a look suitable for the civil ceremony that yesterday made them become husband and wife in the Palazzo Grimaldi hall in Montecarlo.

The short ceremony was followed by a lunch in the marvelous gardens of the Palazzo, and on that occasion the only widespread shot of the two newlyweds was made. Charlotte in a loose-fitting and short blush dress embellished with maxi bows; Dimitri instead, very elegant in a blue suit.

Elegant, bon ton and beautiful as always the princess. Not enough, however, for the many who waited to see her shining in her white dress, also mindful of the many dreams that the weddings of the Monegasque princes have given to generations of romantics.

Impossible to forget the fairytale dress of grandmother Grace, possible that even the modern and young Charlotte did not want to enter the fairy tale too?

We only had to wait for the arrival of the evening and the wedding reception, so that at sunset the princess really started to shine like a star in her magnificent white Chanel dress.

Off the shoulder, no shoulder straps and a beautiful drape on the neckline. The bride also shines thanks to a wonderful diamond necklace that belonged to grandmother Grace, to whom, in the height of her happiness, her granddaughter looks very much. Style icon of her generation, Charlotte inherited the glamorous charm of the Hollywood star who became princess.

Next to her, Dimitri, also beautiful in white, is peering with her princess at the blue infinity on a terrace overlooking the sea.

The real special effect of the photo, however, if you look at it well, is the gaze of one within that of the other, which tells all the magic of a love that is not always easy, but deep and true. And that the two decided yesterday, it will be forever.

Who says modern princesses don't want fairy tales?

Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam – Source: Instagram

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