Charlotte Casiraghi plays with transparencies: the dress we would all like to have

Charlotte Casiraghi plays with transparencies: the dress we would all like to have

Charlotte Casiraghi shines with the Chanel dress, I see I do not see, that we would like to have all in the closet

Charlotte Casiraghi, unsurpassed class: steals the show from her mother Carolina

Charlotte Casiraghi once again conquers Cannes. She is the most beautiful in the realm without a shadow of a doubt in her colorful Chanel dress. And finally Dimitri Rassam is back at his side.

Charlotte Casiraghi inherited timeless beauty from her mother Carolina of Monaco and elegance and charm from her grandmother Grace Kelly. The mix of these superlative qualities make Charlotte unattainable. No one has its innate class, no one has a sense of taste and style like hers. This is also due to the education received by Princess Carolina who, since she was a child, accustomed her daughter to the sense of beauty.

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If we needed further proof, we got it with the look that Charlotte wore at the exclusive party at the Cannes Film Festival. After appearing at the Grand Prix du Prince during the Monte-Carlo Jumping International, Casiraghi returned to public to attend the Chanel gala of which she is ambassador. With her her husband Dimitri Rassam who after a long period of absence showed up again with her.

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Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam

Charlotte is simply fabulous wearing a magnificent see-through dress from the Spring Summer 2021 Act 1 Chanel collection, decorated with multi-colored lace. The trapeze dress is sleeveless and leaves the hips uncovered as required. The Monegasque offspring combines it with white sandals and a golden clutch, all strictly Chanel.

The asymmetrical hairstyle, created for her by John Nollet, is also sophisticated. The peach-colored make-up gives shine to the complexion, while the perfect manicure includes fuchsia nail polish. Every detail is meticulously taken care of, including the choice of wearing the quilted gold cuff bracelets.

Alongside Charlotte, Dimitri sported a more casual look, dark jacket and white t-shirt. The exclusive party was organized on the private beach of the Bijou Plage restaurant on the occasion of the film Annette by Leos Carax, with Marion Cotillard.

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Charlotte Casiraghi

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