Charlotte Casiraghi, the mystery of childbirth

Charlotte Casiraghi, the mystery of childbirth

Has Charlotte Casiraghi already given birth? According to rumors of the Palace the princess would have given birth to her second child

Charlotte Casiraghi mother: private and official photos

Has Charlotte Casiraghi already given birth? The Princess of Monaco, pregnant with her second son, according to sources in the Palace, would have already become a mother.

While the Monegasque subjects anxiously await the announcement of the new arrival in the family, many are convinced that the birth of the daughter of Carolina of Monaco has already taken place, in great secrecy, in a private clinic. Charlotte would be a mom for a few days and now she would be dedicating herself to her baby, waiting to reveal the birth to the world. For now in Palazzo Grimaldi all is silent, while the princess does not confirm or deny the gossip.

Certainly the 32-year-old's pregnancy was already running out, so it is likely that the small (or the small) has already been welcomed by the family, after a birth lived in the strictest secrecy, away from the gossip and the morbid curiosity of the people.

On the other hand, it would not be the first time that Charlotte surprised the press (and her subjects) with a surprise birth, showing a great ability to preserve her privacy in spite of everything. In 2013 the princess unexpectedly announced the arrival of Raphaël, born of love for the comedian Gad Elmaleh, to the general amazement.

After the end of the relationship with actor Charlotte, a rebel and reserved as ever, she started a love story with Dimitri Rassam, crowning the dream of having another child. The report was made official in 2016, but the two have known each other for several years. Dimitri's mother is Carole Bouquet, famous French actress and best friend of Carolina Di Monaco.

The film producer already has a daughter, Darya, born from the marriage with supermodel Masha Novoselova, from whom she recently got a divorce just to marry her Charlotte. The couple in fact has serious intentions. After the birth of the first child, next spring Dimitri and the princess of Monaco will get married. The wedding would be organized by Carole Bouquet, choosing the island of Pantelleria as its location, where it has an estate.

So all that remains is to wait for the long-awaited announcement, when we will discover the name and sex of the heir of the Grimaldi house.

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