Chatting and talking together is impossible. Here because

Chatting and talking together is impossible. Here because

Dialogue between people is not possible if in the meantime smartphone chat is used because the brain is in crisis and you cannot concentrate on both impulses

A recent study has highlighted how using smartphone chat makes dialogue with the people around you impossible. This is because the brain is totally in crisis and cannot concentrate on both the visual and auditory impulse by choosing only one of the two. This is valid as long as the sound volume is constant and normal. In fact, sudden lowering or raising of the tone causes the brain to shift its concentration on the sound. What emerged can be explained by assuming that the visual and auditory processing centers of the brain share the same resources and that these are limited.

From today, thanks to this research, the very young will have an excellent justification with their parents to tell them that they have not heard what they asked for. And this hearing defect is certainly not the first one found, just think of the famous hump that is formed to always look at the phone. Our body is a perfect machine, or so it has always been said, but now that it has to do with the world of smartphones, it begins to show the first problems.

Perhaps, however, one should take into consideration the fact that smartphones are too present in our lives and a real addiction has been created. We can no longer do without constantly looking at the phone, to search online, to browse on social networks and to chat with friends. We are so attached to it that a new syndrome has arisen that makes you imagine that you constantly feel the vibration of the phone even when it is off or far away.

But what is more paradoxical is that the dialogue between real people is no longer possible because we are talking on the smartphone. A problem that affects everyone and not just the youngest. It is not our fault that we cannot hear others because we are justified by the fact that we use the mobile phone and our brain is unable to think of both. But perhaps we should not use it as a justification but on the contrary understand that, however multitasking you may be, certain things need more space and more attention. The brain is trying to send us a clear message and invites us to make a choice. And maybe it's better to focus on who's around now instead of chatting with your smartphone. In some ways, the Social era we are experiencing is actually decidedly anti-social. Let's try turning off the phone or keeping it in your pocket at least for a while and finally enjoying the moment.

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