Chef Carlo Cracco’s trick for the perfect fried egg? There he is!

Chef Carlo Cracco's trick for the perfect fried egg?  There he is!

Fried egg is one of the simplest dishes that can be prepared: let’s discover the trick of chef Carlo Cracco for a perfect result.

Fried egg or fried egg, it may seem at first sight a simple preparation and within everyone’s reach. In fact, by following some precautions it could be, as long as you do not fall into error.

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In fact, a small oversight is enough to ruin the fried egg, break it, burn it or, on the contrary, serve it almost raw. In short, even if it is one of those quick recipes, you need to know the right steps in order not to make mistakes.

To provide us with further tips to present ours fried egg perfectly it is none other than it chef Carlo Cracco, than ofegg has made it a symbol of his cuisine, cooking it in the most disparate ways.

Here is Chef Cracco’s trick for fried egg

Among the ways to cook the egg, one of the fastest is undoubtedly the fried egg or also called fried egg. Here you will find all tricks for a perfect result. A second dish very simple to prepare, at least at first glance, and thanks to some trick it will be perfect.

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But to reveal what the trick for a flawless fried egg is nothing less than chef Carlo Cracco, who has made a culinary philosophy of the egg.

But let’s see what are the prerequisites for a perfect fried egg. Meanwhile, the eggs must be very fresh. Here you find the trick to find out if the eggs are still good or if they have gone bad.

It is better to always check the expiry date of the eggs, and if they have expired it is preferable to check if they are still edible, and possibly not eat them raw because otherwise they could cause food infections.

Having said that, let’s see how to proceed chef Cracco to prepare a very simple fried egg. In the meantime, we need to get a small pan to make a bull’s-eye egg, or in any case that it is the right size to contain an egg. At this point it will be placed on the fire with a knob of butter on top.

And here is the fundamental step, that is the trick of chef Cracco. The trick that the chef tells us is that of put the salt under the egg and not on top. This is to avoid staining the yolk. This way, the egg will really look flawless.

Once the salt has been put under, we place the egg on the pan after having removed it from the heat. Then we reposition it on the fire and do cook the egg for a minute so that the yolk remains soft. Once cooked, it will slide onto the plate so as not to break it.

Finally, we can embellish our fried egg, if you like, with a sprinkling of pepper.

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