‘Cherry makeup’: red is (officially) on everyone’s lips

'Cherry makeup': red is (officially) on everyone's lips

After ‘strawberry makeup’, it’s time for ‘cherry makeup’, a sparkling and daring beauty look that elevates red to the star color of fall. From the eyes to the nails, including the mouth and cheekbones, everything is allowed, provided of course that you don’t have too heavy a hand.

Red or orange, you’ll have to choose. We thought that ‘pumpkin spice makeup’, directly inspired by the drink of the (almost) same name, was going to sweep everything in its path this fall, but here it is being put to the test by a major competitor: ‘cherry makeup’ . It must be said that the world of beauty has been passionate for several months about everything that can be found in the kitchen, and more particularly for fruits and drinks. The proof with ‘latte makeup’, the flagship makeup trend of the summer, but also with ‘strawberry makeup’ or even ‘chai latte nails’. Unusual, if not catchy, names which ultimately only result in the highlighting of a specific color. This is also the case for ‘cherry makeup’ which propels red, in all its forms, to the top of the season’s key shades.

Carmine red, cherry, burgundy, black

All the indicators have been green for months to make red the star color of the season, starting with its highlight on the catwalks of the fall-winter 2023 fashion shows. Christian Siriano, Dolce & Gabbana, and even Gucci are among the houses which have focused on makeup dominated by this shade synonymous with audacity and passion. Which then emerged on social networks with ‘cherry cola lips’, a shade of lipstick directly inspired by the famous sparkling drink. Four months later, it has established itself as one of the season’s key makeup trends, from eyes to lips, nails and cheekbones. A total look that seems to be unanimous across the world, since the hashtag #cherrymakeup has already generated more than 30 million views on TikTok.

Be careful, however, to respect a few rules before embracing ‘cherry makeup’, the idea being to achieve a bold and glamorous beauty look, while remaining as natural as possible. It is therefore recommended to choose an area – possibly two but not more – to which the red will be applied. This can be the eyes, via eye shadow or eyeliner, the cheekbones, or the lips, via a pencil, a gloss, or a matte lipstick. Only nail polish, regardless of the shade of red chosen, can be matched to the area of ​​the face in question. We will have understood, too much red kills the red.


Soft cherry makeup for the fall 🍒🍂 my new fav look!!

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Another important point, we suspect that cherry red is among the most popular shades for this trend, although carmine red, ruddy red, tomato red, or even poppy red also do the trick. But we notice on social networks, and in particular TikTok, that users are gradually turning towards dark reds, more in line with the season. The craze for purple, garnet, burgundy red, mahogany, brown red, and even black red is skyrocketing, as evidenced by the emerging trend of ‘black cherry makeup’. Once these two rules are integrated, you can give free rein to your creativity.

‘Pumpkin spice’ VS ‘cherry’

Fall 2023 is punctuated by two strong makeup trends: ‘pumpkin spice makeup’, dominated by orange hues, and ‘cherry makeup’, worn by a thousand and one shades of red. It remains to be seen which one will win. The first seems to have the advantage for the moment, already gaining unanimous support on social networks (more than 50 million views) and even establishing itself in other areas of beauty. Nail polishes, for example, are getting perfumed with shades inspired by Starbucks’ autumnal drink, as are hair coloring and facial masks.

In the United Kingdom, the enthusiasm is such that the SpaSeekers platform wishes to organize the first ‘pumpkin spice’ spa day during the autumn. At stake ? A whirlpool bath concocted from cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, pumpkin puree and a drop of coffee, but also a facial treatment and a massage made from the same recipe to benefit from the virtues of each ingredient. Whatever happens, autumn promises to be a delicious one.