Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, the Sanremo shirt reveals the name of the daughter

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, the Sanremo shirt reveals the name of the daughter

The look worn in Sanremo 2021 by Fedez could reveal the name of the daughter he expects from Chiara Ferragni

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 2: prime time

Does Fedez's shirt in Sanremo 2021 reveal the name of the daughter he will have from Chiara Ferragni? A few hours before the start of the Festival, the singer posted a very special shot on Instagram. Fedez unveiled part of the look worn on the Ariston stage: a Versace shirt with some letters written on the back: L, C, V and F.

“My family has my back,” commented Fedez, competing with Francesca Michielin. In fact, F stands for Fedez, L for Leone, the couple's son, and C for Chiara Ferragni. Many are convinced that the V is the initial of the name of the second child of the Ferragnez. In fact, the singer and the influencer have decided not to reveal yet what the little girl will be called, but have confirmed that they have left some clues. The V could be the initial of the girl's name or it could simply indicate Versace, the brand that signed the artist's look at the Festival.

The first evening of Sanremo 2021 was particularly exciting for Fedez who took the stage to sing Call me by name with his friend Francesca Michielin. The two artists, tied by a ribbon, hugged at the end of the performance and the singer was moved. On stage also Fiorello who joked: "He was about to faint, I wanted to come in to help him". A few hours before the first evening of the event, Fedez had confessed to being very anxious and to keep emotions at bay thanks to some electronic bracelets. "You have asked me so many, but they are not under house arrest – he said -. They are bracelets that I need to fight anxiety with vibrations … I'll tell you if they worked ".

Rooting for him, from home, was Chiara Ferragni, who will soon give birth to their baby girl, and little Leone. The baby will be born towards the end of the month, perhaps a short time after the birthday of the eldest son, who arrived on March 19, 2018. "There can be no public – the influencer revealed a few days ago, announcing that he would not accompany the husband in Sanremo -. And then I'll be very close to the delivery date, so I have to stay here. Better this way, I'll watch it from the TV with Leo and my family. I am very excited".

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