Chiara Ferragni and that message of positive body that does not convince

Chiara Ferragni and that message of positive body that does not convince

Chiara Ferragni shows the post pregnancy bacon to launch a message of body positive and acceptance. But it divides and does not convince

Chiara Ferragni, the second pregnancy on Instagram: the tummy, the happiness of Fedez and Leone

Chiara Ferragni and her sister Valentina, always referred to as the "plump" of the family, have been fighting for some time, on social networks, in the name of body positive and self-acceptance at 360 °, with flaws and imperfections.

But sometimes, the examples, especially from Chiara, seem so drawn by the hair, that they end up having the opposite effect and unleashing a fuss of criticism rather than solidarity.

As happened with one of the latest stories published by Chiara on Instagram, in which, photographing a barely mentioned bacon (the one, to be clear, that each of us accuses after lunch on Sunday, certainly not nine months of pregnancy) she wrote: "I want to remind you that all bodies are perfect just as they are ”.

Inevitable comments of amazement ("Sorry and that would be a belly? I would pay gold for having it so flat"; But you have no stretch marks, no belly, no sagging skin, what imperfection is that? ") And those definitely more resentful and irritated, aside of those who accuse her of wanting to become a symbol and champion of a body positivity that she does not represent.

From the series: "Commendable good faith and the defense of women's battles at all costs, but wanting to be a protagonist even where it does not compete, risks annoying those who really feel part of the case".

Many write: "The body positive movement was born to normalize bodies that society despises, not bodies that are already perfect by society's standard."

In reality there are also those who take the floor, on social networks, to defend it, arguing that the body movement positive, however born, it is true, with that purpose, is also an inclusive movement and therefore every person has the same right to be part of it. . "Insecurities can affect anyone, regardless of size."

Even if the fact that Ferragni rides the battle of the positive body when it suits her, only to retouch her photos with photoshop every two by three, far from the message of self-acceptance (natural), clashes with the above.

In short, a vicious circle from which one never comes out. The reality is that Chiara divides the waters, and opinions, like Moses, whatever he says or does, and is passed under the lens of popular judgment on a daily basis. But she does nothing to stay on the sidelines. So in the end, that's okay.

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