Chiara Ferragni changes her look on Instagram: brunette and curly for Fedez

Chiara Ferragni changes her look on Instagram: brunette and curly for Fedez

The digital entrepreneur and influencer amazes fans by sporting dark hair, but it's a stage trick

Chiara Ferragni, the second pregnancy on Instagram: the tummy, the happiness of Fedez and Leone

Blackberry, curly, with a slightly wild style. Chiara Ferragni amazed fans by posting some photos on Instagram that show her sporting a completely revolutionized look. Goodbye to the golden blonde of the digital entrepreneur, to make room for a raven black?

No, Chiara's hair has remained the same, the one shown on social media is just a stage trick used to record the new single from Fedez: “Bella Storia”. In the video, in fact, the world-famous influencer shows off dark and curled hair, very bright makeup: with red lips and blue eyes that stand out so much and a leather jacket with animalier fur inserts. In short, a real change of look that, although it was only temporary, was really liked by the fans who showered her with compliments.

The Ferragnez, who recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary, shared some of the images taken on the set on social media to launch “Bella storia”. And the followers immediately went wild, showing that they appreciated the new look. Although it should be remembered that Chiara has not always been very blonde: in the past she had already shown darker hair, especially in shades of brown.

Many, then, have noticed a similarity with the pop star Katy Perry, the same Fedez – who usually makes use of a lot of irony on social media – called his wife Katy Ferry.

In short, whether she is blonde or brunette, Chiara certainly does not go unnoticed.

Influencers are not new to changes of look, in fact they often show themselves with completely different clothes and styles. Among the unforgettable, and more recent, the maternity look, very romantic and immediately become a must have. Chiara in the photo is wearing a yellow dress that shows her belly and a bow in her hair.

The entrepreneur and the singer, in fact, have recently revealed that they are expecting their second child and that Little Lion, aged two and a half, will become an older brother. They did it in full “Ferragnez style”: with a series of exciting and funny posts published on their social channels.

And the joy for the future birth was shared by the whole Ferragni family, like their sister Valentina, to announce and celebrate the happy event.

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