Chiara Ferragni escapes with Fedez to Los Angeles and snubs Sanremo

The Blond Salad denies the rumors that wanted her to be a valletta at the Festival. She focuses on her work as an influencer and her love for Fedez

Chiara Ferragni: Fedez, looks and social photos

Chiara Ferragni, the most famous fashion blogger in the world, said no in Sanremo. Some time ago there was a rumor that the influencer could be one of the valleys of the singing event. Carlo Conti had not denied the news. Ferragni instead immediately made things clear:

I think there are people more suitable than me … Right now I'm not interested in this type of experience.

In fact, the 29 year old, with over 7 million followers on Instagram and a company with a millionaire turnover to manage, is really too busy. If then we put love for Fedez, he certainly doesn't have time for the Festival.

Meanwhile, Chiara flew to Los Angeles with her Fedez. Theirs is a real love escape, at least judging from the photos the blogger posted on her social profile, between topless and glossy shots. The two love to photograph each other embraced, in poses between the tender and the mischievous. And Blond Salad's eyes come in hearts every time he looks at the rapper.

In recent years Ferragni has managed its image very well. The times of the blonde and chubby girl with an intimidated air are long gone. In 2016 Chiara was included by Forbes in the "30 Under 30 Europe: The Arts" list. And on the web it is more popular than Pope Francis.

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