Chiara Ferragni gave birth, Vittoria was born: the photo on Instagram

chiara ferragni

Chiara Ferragni published a photo on Instagram thus announcing that she had given birth to Vittoria, the second daughter she had with Fedez

Chiara Ferragni, the second pregnancy on Instagram: the tummy, the happiness of Fedez and Leone

Chiara Ferragni has given birth. The influencer and entrepreneur gave birth to Vittoria, her second daughter. To announce it was herself with a post on Instagram in which she holds the baby girl in her arms, while you can also see the hand of father Fedez that wraps them.

The post carries the simple caption: “March 23rd, 2021. Our Victory” and within a few minutes it has already bought up likes and comments.

The same image, with the same words was also published by Fedez, who just a few days ago had spoiled the girl's name in one of her stories on Instagram.

At the moment it is not known more about how the birth went, but judging by the shot it is clear that mother and daughter are doing well. Meanwhile, on the profile of Chiara and Federico there are congratulatory comments from family members, friends and VIPs from all over the world.

Vittoria is the second child of the couple, who arrives exactly three years after the birth of Leone, the first son of the Ferragnez who now has a large social following. The eldest son in fact celebrated his third birthday just a few days ago, on March 19, with a small mini-party in the family due to the restrictions due to the pandemic.

Unlike what happened with her first child, born in Los Angeles, where Chiara and Fedez lived until a few years ago, Vittoria was born in Milan and in general the whole pregnancy took place in Italy, where the influencer and rapper they decided to take root after the parenthesis abroad. A choice increasingly confirmed by their many charitable initiatives, with which they exposed themselves especially during the pandemic and which earned them the Ambrogino d'oro, one of the highest awards that the Municipality of Milan bestows on personalities who have particularly distinguished themselves during the year.

Returning to the little girl, Vittoria, we already know that she will bear both her parents' surnames: a choice that Chiara had announced on her social networks. "I will put both surnames on the child because they are equally important and giving only the father's surname comes from a patriarchal system with which I do not agree", explained the influencer.

In the stories, the influencer shared two touching moments: the first very sweet with Leone, who greets his mother, father and little sister saying "I am waiting for you with love". Then he filmed Fedez in tears, moved and very excited with little Vittoria in his arms: off-screen Chiara can only be struck by the moment, as she affectionately tells him “So I cry too, love!”.

chiara ferragni mom

The photo with which Chiara Ferragni announced the birth of Vittoria on Instagram

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