Chiara Ferragni in Venice: leather and kiss shorts. Unbeatable Alessandra Mastronardi

Chiara Ferragni in Venice: leather and kiss shorts. Unbeatable Alessandra Mastronardi

Chiara Ferragni marinaretta in Dior leather shorts catalyzes attention with Fedez. But Alessandra Mastronardi is irresistible

Chiara Ferragni, show in Venice. Alessandra Mastronardi irresistible

Chiara Ferragni arrived at the 76th Venice Film Festival with Fedez.

The most famous fashion blogger in Italy does not disappoint and arrives at the Lido with a super-designer look, as befits her. The beautiful Chiara is presented with a sailor shirt, with black and white horizontal stripes, with the personalized inscription J'ADIOR VENEZIA, which plays with the famous slogan of the French brand.

Dior also designed the black leather bag, shoes and shorts that complete Ferragni's look. Before her, on the Lido already Alessandra Mastronardi, godmother of the event, had dared with shorts. Just like in Cannes she had always made the extremely elegant Charlotte Casiraghi.

But today the goals are all for Ferragni who gives the Venice public a passionate kiss to her husband Fedez with bleached hair, waiting to see his documentary film. Chiara attracts the attention and there is great expectation for the red carpet on which, among other things, just a few years ago in Venice she had shown for the first time the tummy of pregnancy, then not yet formalized.

Although all eyes are on Ferragnez, Alessandra Mastronardi remains unbeatable. The sparkling blue dress, signed Etro, with a dizzying neckline and slit, is fantastic and gives the Neapolitan actress a great sensuality.

But Mastronardi never ceases to amaze, and when he takes off his shoes on the boat showing his perfectly groomed bare feet, he is enchanted.

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