"Chiara Ferragni is pregnant" by Fedez: the mother's reaction

"Chiara Ferragni is pregnant" by Fedez: the mother's reaction

The rapper publishes a video where he gives the happy announcement. But in reality it is a joke to see Mrs Ferragni's reaction

Chiara Ferragni: Fedez, looks and social photos

"Chiara Ferragni is pregnant", a bomb news especially if it is revealed by her boyfriend Fedez. The rapper has in fact published a video on Instagram Stories where he announces the sweet wait. So has the love affair with the world's most famous fashion blogger already paid off?

Actually no. In fact, Fedez wanted to make a joke to his mother-in-law to see how he would react to his daughter's pregnancy. Ms. Ferragni did not get very upset and took the news well. Maybe, downstairs you wouldn't mind having a grandchild. Chiara is about to turn 30 and has a company worth billions thanks to the work of Riccardo Pozzoli, so she could easily become a mother.

Marina Di Guardo then told Grazia magazine how she learned the news of her daughter's fake pregnancy and revealed: "I felt I was missing."

However, after the joke the blogger and the rapper reached their friend Fabio Rovazzi for dinner by booking on behalf of "cicciogamer" and they connected with FaceTime with Karina, Fabio's girlfriend, so as not to make him feel alone.

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