Chiara Ferragni launches a make up line: controversy over the price

Chiara Ferragni launches a make up line: controversy over the price

Chiara Ferragni launches her first make-up line with Lancôme, but the price of the products triggers controversy

Chiara Ferragni reaches a new milestone, launching her make-up line with Lancôme, but controversy erupts over the price.

For days the fashion blogger had announced on Instagram a big news coming. Only in the last hours, however, fans have found out what it is: a new collection of palettes signed by Ferragni.

"This is a point of arrival for me – Chiara revealed – thanks for loving my collection and for making me feel special. It's better than in my dreams. " The capsules are easily recognizable: pink, glittery and with the stylized eye that identifies the Ferragni brand. Within each palette, the fashion blogger added mascara, lipstick and lip gloss, which she also tested on Instagram.

Prices? If you dream of the lipstick signed by Chiara it will cost you 32 euros, while the palette is available at the amount of 59.95 euros. Just the cost of cosmetics created with Lancôme sparked a heated controversy on social media. In fact, many are convinced that the tricks have a decidedly exaggerated price and many fans have criticized the choice of the fashion blogger.

"It costs excessively too much" wrote someone, while someone else added: "All very nice but 60 euros for a palette is too much, especially if we think that the same models of other much more consolidated brands have more colors and cost less".

"I need makeup, all right – Ferragni confessed to Io Donna -. I want me to stop thinking that I am always perfect, glossy: if anything, I am one who has understood what is good for her, having fun experimenting and reinventing herself ”.

In the meantime, you are enjoying success and, after launching a line of shoes and one of clothing, with the opening of some stores, you are preparing to conquer even the beauty sector. Next to her, as always, Fedez, and the little Lion who soon, as revealed by the same influencer on Instagram, could welcome a new little brother.

Chiara Ferragni – Source: Getty Images

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