Chiara Ferragni naked and in fur. Avalanches of criticism on social media

Chiara Ferragni naked and in fur. Avalanches of criticism on social media

Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni posts her photo, naked and in fur, and is covered in negative comments from animal rights activists

Chiara Ferragni: Fedez, looks and social photos

A new provocation from the influencer and fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni. This time it is not about his liason with boyfriend Fedez (engaged in other social controversies, with Gué Pequeno and Marracash), but a photo of him, posted on his Instagram profile, which has triggered avalanches of criticism.

Chiara photographed naked (and it is not the first time) and in fur: it was enough to provoke the anger of animal rights activists and more.

Some of the comments, all in the name of the hashtag #nofur

fur also no !!!! We have fake ones available if we just can't help it… ..please NO FUR #nofur

Massiii, who cares if many animals have been skinned alive! There is no doubt that you are a fashion icon, even more so if you could set a good example and discourage the use of fur, it would be a good thing!

do I send a nice video on how they made this fur? Do you have the courage to look at it? I bet not. you would resist 2 sec of those images. Think about it.
lanuovavale But one who continues to post fur pictures regardless of all the critical comments should stop following her .. without followers she would be finished because she can do absolutely nothing. Enough with these damned furs

And you call yourself it girl? With each passing day, you get worse and keep on wearing fur. You are disgusting … @chiaraferragni

It's up to trendsetters like you to promote cruelty free choices… in this you represent a very sad disappointment

Aren't you ashamed in 2017 to wear real fur? Damn female vanity, damn daughters of Cruella de Mon !!! You deserve the worst !!!

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