Chiara Ferragni reminds us that the rock style is back in fashion and is more glam than ever

Chiara Ferragni’s glam rock look is (also) an invitation to love oneself and whoever we like: to be taken as a starting point for 2022

Chiara Ferragni, the transparent tulle dress is a fairy tale

Chiara Ferragni, the transparent tulle dress is a fairy tale

Sue are among the best style inspirations: she is a model to follow, for the new generations, but not only. Because Chiara Ferragni reminded us that the rock style is back in fashion. And it is not obvious, but it is more glam and chic than ever. A riot of “Romantic Revolution” to which we have not been able to resist. For the first Monday of 2022, Ferragni opted for an explosive outfit: rock, chic, glam. But above all to the latest cry (and with a very courageous message).

Chiara Ferragni, the glam rock style to be absolutely copied

How to be a rock star? Following the style of Ferragni: the aesthetics of rock is based on precise concepts, which however can be even less schematic, above all because fashion has always been influenced by many factors, from art to music. For the first official release of 2022, Chiara opted for a very welcome return: the rock style, which has always made us feel able to dare, breaking down stereotypes.

After all, the rock style is free to be and to inspire: fur, sweatshirt and a pair of leggings in shiny leather – with a patent effect – accessories to complete the outfit. The flawless addition? The combat boots with chains, naturally signed by Miu Miu. A combination that certainly did not go unnoticed, and that won the hearts of hardened rock fashionistas.

The Romantic Revolution sweatshirt is an invitation to love each other

Could a hidden message be missing from Ferragni’s look? No, of course not. Our Chiara has never chosen her outfits in a casual way. Indeed, she has always made sure that they are not only suitable for the context, but also a way to “use” fashion as a means to launch invitations. In this case, the Romantic Revolution sweatshirt has a special task: to communicate to everyone that we can “love whoever we want”. A hymn to freedom and equality that we particularly liked, and that does not differ much from the rock influence, which has taught us to dare over time. To be courageous, beyond any privation.

The first exit after quarantine

These were not easy days for Chiara Ferragni and her family: at first they had chosen to interrupt the Christmas holidays 2021, because Vittoria and Leone had contracted the flu. Then, the news of being positive at Covid, to which they reacted with enormous force, without being discouraged. Finally, Ferragni negativized herself and allowed herself an exit, the first of 2022, opting for an outfit that is unforgettable to say the least.

It made us want, we admit, to dust off some old clothing, but that’s not all. Because it’s not for everyone to show off a sweatshirt with a fur coat: it also takes a bit of that desire to amaze. The look was then coordinated with that of Manuele Mameli, who is her glam artist: we owe many of the latest trends launched by Ferragni to him, taking care of her make-up and hairstyles. What can I say, rock is not dead, but it is more alive and glamorous than ever: yes, we like it.

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni, the glam rock look on Instagram

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