Chiara Ferragni shares Leo's sweet gesture for her little sister on Instagram

Chiara Ferragni shares Leo's sweet gesture for her little sister on Instagram

The little Lion eagerly awaits the arrival of his little sister: on Instagram, Chiara Ferragni shared a very tender moment

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez are ready to expand the family again: in a few months their second child will be born, and apparently little Leo is already in love with them. On social media, the influencer decided to share her baby's sweet gesture for her little sister.

Leone has not yet turned three, but he already behaves like a caring big brother. It was he who announced the arrival of the stork at the Ferragnez home, holding an ultrasound scan in his hands that left no doubt: in this very tender way, fans discovered Chiara Ferragni's second pregnancy. Later, the little one revealed the sex of the baby, making his clear voice clearly heard in saying: "It's a baby!".

We already knew that even this time Fedez and Chiara would have lived their sweet expectation by sharing all the happiest moments on Instagram, from the photos of the tummy that grows more and more to the funny portraits like the one that sees the couple laying belly to belly (and that's it of the rapper to appear swollen!). But unlike what happened with Leone's pregnancy, this time there is a very pleasant surprise: the little one of the house is in fact almost always present in the first memories of the extended family, and manages to give a touch of sweetness to every image.

Ferragni wanted to show her baby's care for the little sister who has yet to arrive, posting a really tender video on Instagram. Leo is seen caressing his mother's belly, and then filling her with kisses: “The little sister is happy” – says Chiara, so the little one bends down again on her mother's womb and gives her a few more kisses. It's a very sweet family skit, and fans have agreed that they can't wait to find out Leo's reaction when he can finally hold his little sister in his arms.

However, the wait is still long: the birth is scheduled for next March, in the same period in which Leo was born. We still don't know if, just like the first time, Chiara Ferragni and Fedez will decide to fly to the United States to give birth to their second child. But one thing is sure: there are so many waiting for this moment.

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