Chiara Ferragni’s is the eye makeup that all over 40s should try

Chiara Ferragni's is the eye makeup that all over 40s should try

The pink and shaded eye make-up sported by Chiara Ferragni is a perfect make-up for all women aged 20 to 50: how is it done?

In spring, gray and black should practically disappear from our makeup color palette. If this rule is valid in general, however, it is also right to make the necessary exceptions, as in the case of this fantastic makeup for the evening.

shaded eye makeup chiara ferragni


For this look Chiara has focused on two cold shades, ie the powder pink and gray. It is a combination that goes very well with the light complexions with cold undertones. At least in theory though, this color mix should be better suited to a winter makeup and we’re here to prove it isn’t!

The shaded eye makeup by Chiara Ferragni, top also for the over 40s

The light and very light colors, widely used for spring eye makeup, certainly have a small defect: they do not offer much opportunity to give depth to the look.

chiara ferragni eye makeup


For this reason it must be admitted that I’m not exactly the top for the evening, when instead we want our eyes to release magnetism and sensuality.

Here then is that the elongated cut crease comes to our rescue. The cut crease is the ideal make-up after the age of 35, which looks good on virtually all eye shapes.

It is realized with two colors: a basic one, lighter, and a darker one to create shadows. Dealing with a make-up that focuses on the nuance he’s able to hide fine wrinkles very well around the eyes.

These small skin ripples inevitably appear on the eyelid and near the temples of mature-skinned women and do not go well with too graphic and too bright makeup.

There nuance with a dark color with a matte finish is instead ideal to cover them and, at the same time, to widen the gaze making it truly magnetic.

In this case Chiara Ferragni opted for a half cut creasethat is, for a very similar eye make-up that however focuses on dividing the eye vertically: the outermost part of the eye is always very dark, while the internal one is much lighter and brighter.

The peculiarity of this make-up consists in the long tail made with a soft brush and which almost joins the dark eyeshadow to the tail of the eyebrow.

If in winter we could risk a graphic trick, then with a similar structure but which uses eyeliner to create the tail, in spring the black eyeliner could be too heavy.

Much better working with powders and pencil, also darkening the lower and upper lash line up to the middle of the eye, leaving the inside clear.

It is a nuance that is easily achieved with a soft and very thin brush, just soiled with the eyeshadow used for the shadow.

Those with slightly downward eyes should, however, avoid emphasizing the lower lash line, as it would accentuate the downward trend of the eyes and the effect could be unpleasant (and here instead how to make the ideal makeup for those with downward eyes).

In the end, mascara and false eyelashes will be invaluable allies to copy this look. False eyelashes, in particular, should be applied only on the outermost part of the eye, preferably in the form of tufts (and here we explain how to apply them easily). Gradient false eyelashes are also a great solution, that is shorter inwards and longer outwards.

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