Chiara Ferragni’s rainbow make-up is already trendy

Chiara Ferragni’s rainbow make-up? The trend of the moment! How to copy it step by step

The new spring trend? Chiara Ferragni’s rainbow make-up! The digital influencer and entrepreneur loves experimenting with eye shadows, mascara and brushes, creating a fabulous beauty look.

Shimmer, colorful and super trendy, Chiara’s rainbow make-up is a must of the season and is already depopulating on Instagram. The secret to recreating it? Follow Ferragni’s advice step by step, using its brand products. From black mascara, to give intensity to the eyes, to metallic eyeshadows, up to blush and highlighter, two products that are excellent not only for creating the base, but also for nourishing the skin.

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How to copy Chiara Ferragni’s make-up

Copying Chiara Ferragni’s rainbow make-up is not a mission impossible. Just arm yourself with patience and the right products! Rainbow eyeshadows for a wow effect, a good highlighter to highlight the face and a lip gloss to kiss.

The secret is to create a luminous base on the eyelid and apply the eyeshadows just as if you wanted to create a rainbow. If with the arrival of spring you want to copy the trick of the coolest digital entrepreneur ever, we reveal the products to buy.

The palette with shimmer eyeshadows

Where to start to replicate Chiara Ferragni’s rainbow make-up? From the shimmer eye palette! Vibrant and super cool eyeshadows, to light up the eyes. Green, purple and yellow, with bright and metallic finishes, are ideal for highlighting the light irises of the digital entrepreneur.

The shades of that of NYX can be applied both with brushes and with your fingers. An important tip? The fingertips make glitter eyeshadows even more sparkling! The matt tones give depth to the look, while the shimmer ones illuminate it with reflections of light.


NYX Professional Makeup palette ombretti

NYX Professional Makeup eyeshadow palette 16 colorful shades and shimmer for make up 19,90 EUR −32% 13,59 EUR Buy on Amazon

The mascara

Whether for simple or elaborate beauty looks, Chiara never gives up on her great passion: mascara. In fact, this product defines the lashes, gives volume, length and an intense color. The influencer for this makeup chooses one with a light but creamy texture, excellent for bold lashes and to reach even the thinnest ones. Ferragni’s advice? Pop in for a wow look!


Maybelline New York Mascara Sensational Lashes

Maybelline New York Mascara Sensational Lashes Volumizing, Fan effect on the lashes and intense black 9,99 EUR −21% 7,89 EUR Buy on Amazon

The eyebrow gel

The thick and bold eyebrows are Chiara Ferragni’s strong point. To always have them perfect, she uses a transparent eyebrow gel, perfect for defining and fixing even the most rebellious hairs. The formulation contains extracts of silt seeds to give shine, while the lemon balm protects the eyebrows from the negative action of external agents. The longer bristles allow you to comb the hair, the shorter ones create the shape.

Lava gel for eyebrows

Lavera Eyebrow Gel Transparent gel to define the eyebrows 7,67 EUR Buy on Amazon

The lip gloss

An essential to imitate Chiara Ferragni’s rainbow make-up? The lip gloss! Great for super bright lips, with a natural pink color and a super plumping effect. For rainbow make-up a very bright gloss is excellent, with an enveloping and creamy texture, which guarantees a “wet” effect, without being sticky. Hydration is intense as is coverage.


L’Oreal Paris Gloss volumizzante

L’Oreal Paris Volumizing Gloss Long-lasting lip gloss for kissable lips 12,99 EUR −20% 10,44 EUR Buy on Amazon

The illuminant

The base is fundamental for Chiara Ferragni’s make-up, who never gives up on the highlighter. Her favorite is a creamy highlighter that gives delicate and beautiful plays of light. It is a perfect product for sculpting the face, thanks to a texture with a slight pearlescence wet effect.


BioNike Defence Color Lumieresse

BioNike Defense Color Lumieresse Pearlescent Universal Illuminator 16,50 EUR −39% 10,00 EUR Buy on Amazon

The blush

Then the super illuminating blush cannot be missing. It captures the light in the best possible way thanks to its pigments, warming the complexion and giving a soft and velvety skin.


KIKO Milano Velvet Touch Creamy Stick

KIKO Milano Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush in Stick: Creamy Texture and Luminous Finish 8,99 EUR −19% 7,28 EUR Buy on Amazon

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