Children education: all alternative methods to spanking

Children education: all alternative methods to spanking

To educate your children, spanking is not necessary: ​​instead of hands, use the words or the system of rewards and punishments or the scoreboard in points

It happens to all mothers and all fathers to have, at times, some difficulty in managing one or more young children. Whether it is rebellious characters, or particularly capricious children, it is often necessary for the parent to intervene to restore order. If in the past, however, educational models often required the use of hands, today spanking to educate seems to be no longer an effective method. And then, what other method can you use to better shape your children's behavior? Giving up, in fact, to the hands, it is necessary to introduce alternative techniques of education that allow, however, the parent to impose rules.

The answer is not simple, also because each child is different from the other and a method that is valid for one, may not apply to another. It is therefore essential that the parent knows his or her child well, in order to identify the educational model that can work for him first. The advice is to try different educational methods, combining them according to the needs. If for very young children, for example, the distraction may be fine, that is to say the use of a diversion to divert the child from an incorrect behavior, with the older children it is preferable to always accompany the reproach with an explanation about the why that behavior should not be adopted. Even giving the example is important: if, for example, you want your child to not raise his voice, you will have to be the first to not shout.

Among the most effective, there is the method of rewards and punishments, which consists in giving the child a reward when he does something positive, and a punishment when he behaves badly. For the success of this method, the parents must always be in perfect harmony, otherwise, if one punishes and the other lets go, the child could, in the end, be even more disoriented than before. Another technique is that of the scoreboard: the educator, in this case the mother or the father, posts a billboard in the house showing, for each week, the various scores of the child regarding some items such as “behavior at home "," Grades at school "," relationship with little brother or sister "and so on. At the end of the month, or of each week, the child will be rewarded if he has obtained a high score, or punished if the negative votes should prevail. Finally, you can type "child education" into Google search and choose one of the proposed methods.

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