Children in cars: tips for a peaceful summer

Children in summer: the heat in the car can be harmful to the health of children, here are some useful tips for their safety

Children in the summer need numerous precautions to stay at their best, as they too, like adults, may experience fatigue and illness due to sultriness. In particular, when traveling with children, make sure that they have everything they need for their health and safety. To do this it is essential to clarify some simple precautions to keep in mind, especially if you have to go through a long drive.

First of all, when the car has been parked a long time under the sun, the children's body temperature is the one that suffers the most. This is due to the fact that unlike the body temperature of an adult person, that of children is not regulated and this can increase the risk of dehydration and hyperthermia. So even if you have to carry out a simple commission, you should never leave the children in the car even if they are sleeping, because the temperature in the car can rise from 10 ° to 15 ° C every 15 minutes.

Consequently hyperthermia can occur in just 20 minutes and death within about two hours. Hyperthermia can also occur on cool days, when the temperature is around 22 ° C. The interior of the car may become excessively hot until it reaches 40 ° C, although the outside temperature is not particularly high. The data relating to the Ministry of Health are alarming, since they state that in the United States about 36 children die per year from hyperthermia. Even from the Commission for Consumer Safety in France, 24 cases of children left in cars and deaths of hyperthermia emerge between 2007 and 2009.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health recommends leaving personal items behind in the rear seat next to the child's car seat, to avoid forgetting the child's transport. Likewise, place the child's personal items and accessories on the front seat to remind them of his or her presence. It is a good omen to write down on a agenda when accompanying the child to the nursery or to inform the partner when program changes occur. Before getting out of the car, make sure there is nobody in the car and close the doors, always keeping the keys away from the little ones.

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