Choose products without palm oil

Choose products without palm oil

Is it possible to shop by selecting products without palm oil? If you want to follow up the alarm launched by multiple information channels, it is a necessary choice

If we want to take care of our health, we need to think long-term and review the daily choices for proper nutrition, it is from everyday gestures that the well-being of our body is built. Taking even small quantities of certain substances daily can, in fact, favor the development of eating disorders, intolerances or, in the most serious cases, diseases. Therefore, be careful to include only palm oil-free products in the shopping cart, but there are also healthy oils.
Palm oil is used in the food industry to replace animal fats (margarine, butter, lard), has a high resistance to oxidation which allows it to keep its properties intact even if involved in processes that require high temperatures .

Used for both sweet and savory processing even in solid form, palm oil gives the spreadable foods a degree of creaminess very pleasing to the palate, even if unhealthy, for this reason it is an extremely popular ingredient, preferred both for its excellent yield on the final product than for the cost significantly lower than other vegetable and animal oils. The damage to health is determined by the amount ingested because it contains a high amount of saturated fatty acids, therefore we recommend a consumption of no more than 10% of the daily caloric intake within a balanced diet.

Although widespread in the production of snacks, snacks and leavened foods, it is possible with a little attention to select palm oil-free food products, of which we offer a list below.
Patties and crumbly cakes: Coop, Esselunga, General Bio, The city of the sun, Pam, Misura, Mulino Bianco, Conad.
Plum cake: Bononia, Coop, Esselunga, Galbusera, Break & bio, Zerograno.
Chocolate snacks: Novi, Rigoni di Asiago, CerealFit, The city of the Sun, Galamella, Pernigotti, Venchi, Lindt, Caffarel.
Snacks and bread: Cèrèal, Ferrero, Ki-group, Loacker, Mulino Bianco, Vitavigor, Galbusera, Mulino Bianco, Terre d’Italia.
Sandwich bread and rusks: Germinal, Conad, Gentilini, Morato, Panmonviso, Novalesi, Mulino Bianco.
Biscuits: Gentilini, Pavesini, Galbusera, Black Elk, All baked, Gran Cereali, Kellogg's, Galameo, Coop, Doemi, Latte Maremma, Battistini oven, Conad, Sottolestelle, VitAvena, Fior di Loto, Esselunga, Humana, Dolciando, Corsini.

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